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Medium ron vigia 18 year rum

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8 Vigia 18-Year ratings

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Very well balanced and aromatic. Sweet fruity entrance followed by a dry finish.
Great choice for those who look for a good price/taste option amongst the Cuban high class rums.
The rum is named after the Finca La Vigía, the Cuban residence of Ernest Hemingway. The red sign on the bottle is Hemingways family crest.


What a disappointment the Vigia Gran Reserva 18 year old rum was during my last trip to Havana. Very strong alcohol smell and taste to it for an 18 year old rom and the burn at the end is just awful. Struggles to earn a 4.

This is kept in the dark recesses of my bar. Yes I keep it for myself as it is the most well balanced rum I have found to date. It comes out when I am home alone and I can listen to music and enjoy a cigar. The phone is unplugged so I can truly not be bothered while I enjoy my evening. In fact no one is home and the time is right.

I think it's hard to find a well balanced rum in all components: smell, taste, aromas and alcohol. Whenever you drink it you immediately think ... I want more.
It's one of those rum that you must have in your cellar.
You can drink it alone or with friends, but be careful, they'll end up everything!


Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Kuba
Aroma: Suchý styl už podle vůně. Dřevo, propolis, k tomu se přidává větrové aroma (máta), kakao. Vůně mi v prvním dojmu nepřišla tak zajímavá, ale postupně ukazuje svoji hloubku a další odstíny. Najdete v ní i kůži a trochu medicíny. (86 b)
Chuť: Žádný slaďouš to není. Nasládlost tu je jen v náznacích. Lehká medicínskost, propolis, ale ne tak moc jako třeba u Angostury. Kakao, dřevo. Suchá, trochu nakyslá dochuť s tropickým dřevem. (84 b)
Body: 85
Shrnutí: Další z rumů ochutnaných na Hořické ochutnávce u josého. Vigia Gran Reserva je solidní kousek.

Lejos el mejor

One of the more expensive Cubans it is definitely worth it for this smooth sipping rum. Good nose. Smooth caramel taste with hints of spice and a heavy citrus flavour. Great smooth mouth feel and low-medium burn.