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Habitation Velier 2005 Long Pond Teca 14-Year rum

Habitation Velier 2005 Long Pond Teca 14-Year

Italy | Overproof

6 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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6 Habitation Velier 2005 Long Pond Teca 14-Year ratings

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Small stevesspirits v4

Posted 5 months ago by StevesSpirits from Canada with 34 ratings

So this is a really challenging review. I am really a rum noob, so I found this sample very challenging. But this may be the most interesting spirit of any kind I've had to date.

On the nose there is rotting fruit, a funkiness, overripe persimmon, papaya, banana and strawberry.

The nose doesn't prepare you for the palate: incredible bitterness, salt, pepper, dry, chemical, and burnt meat. The sweetness of the nose is in there somewhere, but buried behind a wall of bitterness.

The finish is almond, walnut, wood with a medium finish. It actually ends faster then I would expect for the ABV and other strong flavours, but there is a lingering taste/smell left over from this rum.

Adding water you find a bit more of the pleasant elements. My wife tasted it and said "rotting fruit fire"; I don't think that's necessarily inaccurate. My best comparison to the whisky world is giving a new whisky drinker an Octomore or Laphroaig 10 CS.

I've rated this an 8 due to how incredibly interesting it is; perhaps I'd rate it higher in the future on my rum journey.

Edit: The next day this rum still lingers in the background on my palate (again, similar to some very smoky scotches I've had in the past). I think part of the magic of this rum is that I keep thinking about it. I think I want to try some other high ester rums, as these are very unique spirits (although I can't see myself drinking much more than a sample).


Posted 3 months ago by laurent from France with 50 ratings

I love Long Pond, Jamaican rums, big ester, pungent pot still rums and the "Habitation Velier" range in general. So what am I complaing for ? Well, I just find that the high-ester hype has gone too far now. When you reach 1000 or 1500g/hL of esters, or even more sometimes, it is just... undrinkable.

Like The other TECC and TECA marks Long Ponds, like some Hampdens I tasted, this particular one is just... too much. All the flavours are interesting and could have been great with a bit of measure but in thise case it does taste and smell like a rum concentrate. Too much acidity, too much esters, too much solvants, too much everything. Nothing is bad in itself, but just "too much".

If found "interesting" to taste it, like an experience, but honnestly, I have no pleasure to sniff and drink it.
It would have been great in a blend, maybe. As fa as I know these extreme "continental flavoured" rums have never been intended to be sipped neat.


Posted 5 months ago by Michal Micko from Czech Republic with 438 ratings

Aroma immediately after pouring in to the glass is harsh with acetone tones. BUT! After 10 minutes it develops to nice fruity wooden aroma. First taste is a bit burning but much less than you would expect from 62%. After appear intensive fruity tones (cherry, peach) and complex body. Aftertaste is a bit shorter and bitter, therefore -1point, othervise very good rum for experienced drinkers. Similar to Foursquere 2008.


Posted 7 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 330 ratings

Another high ester bomb from Velier. Tropical aged TECA mark, lets see.
Unbelieveable nose, comparable to WPE (same esters). But very sweet and intensive.
I get the caramel first and then a bunch of marzipan with bread. This combination is new for me. Then a lot of tropical fruits and sweet amarena cherries. In the background is bacon with wood.
Very unusual nose, I'm very excited and flashed.

The taste starts with caramel and wood, it's very sweet and dry all the time. Next aromas are leather, brown sugar and behind of this composition is bacon. The taste gets warm with leather, anise and some tannins. The warmer it gets, the leatherier the rum becomes, ingenious. I had not such an experience before, this is a masterpeace of a Long Pond rum.
At the end of the middle taste are also some cherries. This is a sour note between the sweetness and the dry mouth feel.
The finish starts with spice, some citrus and burnt sugar and ends with mint, leather, green apple and malt.
The aftertaste is very tasty with leather, mint, orange peels and oranges.

Profile: sweet, dry, complex, fruity, dark with amarena cherries, bacon

This rum is on another level. It's a high end Long Pond, crazy, rich and tasty. It's not comparable to other LPs like Plantation Extreme No4 for example, it has a different mark.
I would rate it with 95 point.

Nose: caramel, marzipan, toast, brown sugar, banana, papaya, amarena cherries, bacon, wood
Taste: caramel, wood, leather, brown sugar, bacon
Middle: leather, anise, orange peels, some tanins, intensive leather, cherries
Finish: spice, some citrus, burnt sugar, mint, leather, green apple, malt
Aftertaste: leather, mint, orange peels, orange, some cherries

Sweetness: 3.5/5
Fruits: 3/5
Spice: 3/5
Mildness: 2/5
Complexity: 4.5/5
Value (160€): 4.5/5


Posted 8 months ago by Adrian Adame from Czech Republic with 361 ratings

Nejsem fanda Jamajek, ale tenhle mne dostál 👍, velmi jemné ve vůni i v chutí


Posted 1 year ago by Rei from Germany with 106 ratings

This is an overproof (62%), high ester rum from the Long Pond distillery in Jamaica. TECA translates into 1200-1300 gr/hlpa. It has a very intense smell and taste, of eagle owl, turpentine, fruit mix (pineapple, papaya and also red berry fruits). Palate has heavy vibes due to the high ester alcohol and alcohol content. Very long finish/presence. This ester bomb should be reserved for very special moments when you are willing to have some kind of exploration into the extreme "borderzone" of the world of rums.