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Plantation 2020 Isle Fiji rum

Plantation 2020 Isle Fiji

Caribbean | Aged

7.2/10 (6 ratings)
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6 Plantation 2020 Isle Fiji ratings

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Posted 6 days ago by Andreas from Sweden with 12 ratings

Just want to put it in my cabinet so there is nothing more to add. A good rum.

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Posted 17 days ago by Hesel from Denmark with 40 ratings

It has a very promising smell but the taste cannot live oup to it. Easy to drink but quickly gone.

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Posted about 1 month ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 388 ratings

This is a different island to obtain rum from . In a online tasting session the plantation rep went on to say that the island will now exclusively sell only to plantation .....

The actual rum is quite dry but sweet with dried fruit notes . You can see the Jamaican style production notes in the sampling at the start of the pallete and towards the end the sugar takes over

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Posted about 1 month ago by Stouby from Denmark with 35 ratings

Romhatten. 40%. Lys gul. Duft af kokos, estere, vanilje. Smag af vanilje, lidt skarp, tilsat sukker. Lagret 2-3 år på Fiji, og 1 år i Frankrig på cognac fade.

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Posted about 2 months ago by Panos from Greece with 11 ratings

The best rum for that price, 30€...
Very aromatic and smooth for it’s price,

I noticed a strange similarity in the nose and on the Palette, an oily taste and smell which I enjoyed very much!

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Posted 3 months ago by Domstadtkerl from Germany with 39 ratings

Its Plantations newest Product.

Fruity, little Fiji Rum. Nothing too complex, but more on the tropical fruity side of things.
Im liking that they put the Sugar-Added right on the front of the Bottle. (16g/l if you are wondering).

For 30€ a decent bottle.