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Medium owneys original rum

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Batch 3 2015. 40% ABV. Briny nose. Overripe bananas. Faintest bit of astringency. Very briny palate.

Absolutely solid light rum. If you're in the market for a light mixing rum, this is available in your market, (and you have deep pockets... $40, seriously!?) it's worth considering. I hope this rum will come down from the hipster market to become more widely available.


Fooled me into thinking it had been aged then filtered. Not aged. Then couldn't decide it whether it was made from rapidura or if it was filtered. Made from molasses. And filtered.
Honestly, never been a fan of what happens to rum when filtered, but this this is still a nice enough white.

N- Started off with usual layers of vegetal notes, spirit-y and raw oiliness from new distillates. Some sweet cane notes and vanilla but override by huge scents of ammonia, linen soaked with spoil milk (a much polite expression from my original note of this particular odor, which would be disrespect to the distiller), egg-y with hue of yeasty, off putting, unpleasant to the nose. (10/25)

P- Suplury and chemical, stiff cedar with scents of tobacco. Smooth but emotionless, thought there are some hints of estery notes with peppery coming thru as it sits on palate. (14/25)

F- Short, burning spirits kicks in. Much needed and desired young mango, sour milk and nutty notes appeared just to pleased a little. (15/25)

Balanced:- Raw with some quality notes, but vastly masked by impurities and flaws. A young crafted distillery, patient may be needed for further perfection. (14/25)

Weighted Rate:- 53pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.


I was skeptical of this spirit for a long while before purchasing a bottle. I can say that after tasting I am no longer a skeptic. This rum is quite smooth given that is has no aging. The flavor is also there given the 5 day fermentation. This is a straight sipper no ice even needed. I can say I wish there was more of a seal around this hand bottled rum but other than that I have little complaint. Excellent rum overall. I can not wait until their aged offerings are out.