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Medium bacardi torched cherry rum

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Great for some crazy-summer-drinks.

Bacardi line up has a few decent aged dark sipper rums, but on the absolute opposite end sits this vile liquid mixed with very artificial cherry flavor. Just bloody awful.

The top 10 worst rums I have ever tried:
1. Barbancourt 4y / 8y / 15y
2. Bounty Dark Rum from Fiji
3. Stroh 40 / 80
4. Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy
5. Villa Rica 23y
6. Mocambo 15y / 20y
7. Captain Morgan different variations
8. Don Papa 10y / 15y
9. Bacardi flavored "rums", all of them
10. Kraken rums

Great mixer, cherry taste is just amazing (quite better in the first batch of the bottles, later more artificial), great for drinks

Definitely not an everyday drink but was a fun one to try out. Tastes like cherry! Was great with sprite and to make cherry cokes. Mmmmmmm good

Lovely stuff to mix with coke on à hot Summer evening. Certainly not a top rum, but blends very well.

Imagine a mixture of cherry cough syrup and stale cigarettes. Have that flavor in your mouth? Good, now you do not even need to crack this bottle open. I'd rather eat a pack of cigarettes than drink a bottle of this. At least that way I would be able to say I never let this near my mouth.

This has a concentrated cherry flavor with Red Hots candy mixed in. It's not too hot, but that's what the taste reminds me of. Not terrible, but certainly not a good rum either.

This junk is for kids who want to get drunk without thinking about what they're really drinking. One of the worst examples of bad booze.


THis is almost certainly formulated with very focused intent to be a flavoring for rum drinks and those awful "clever-name-novelty-shots" that are so popular with people who are , mmmm, about freshman and sophomore in college age. Not that there's anything wrong with that...It's the bridge between that between a summer Otter-
pop and a cocktail. if you are an adult, this will likely turn you off. definitely a flavor agent with some alcohol to keep the drink's alcohol content up. Use as mixer, not as a Primary. Artificial Cartoon Cherry Flavor like a Jolly Rancher only further from authentic. Not bad. but certainly not good either...I will bet the hangover from a couple ounces too much of this is pretty blindingly painful. Too Sweet. Do not drink a lot of this one. Definitely chase with a nice glass of water to get those kidneys flushing.
I wont drink this one again except as a last resort. Appleton Estates any day over this " high-school-party" dreck. Not for everyone and certainly not for anyone who likes caramel-ish warm overtones of green banana and whiffs of over-ripe fruit/dates, real island RUM. Bacardi have to play to the lowest common denominator/segment of the public who spend the most money on drinks, as well as keep up with all the candy flavored vodka options. I get it. I just don't want to drink it.

OK. Use it to add a hint of cherry to mixed drinks. It is average when chilled for a shot. Bargain price it has going for it. Try Cruzan Black Cherry for better cherry flavor.

Cheap rum with a cherry flavor. I would only use this as a mixer.

You are better off drinking the Bacardi 151 with maraschino cherries than drinking this rum. Dull and boring.

Wasnt expecting a real rum on this one, but even on what it says it is, its still crap to me. It definately tasted burnt, thats all I got.... no cherry.

Ok so I did not have a great hope that this would knock my sox off but it was just bad

On it's own, it's like any flavored rum. But in mixed drinks, this stuff shines! My personal favorite is to mix it with good limeade. Pour it strong, you still won't taste alcohol, just a great cherry limeade.

There's too much artificial cherry going on here. It's like the concentrate they use to make 7-11 slurpees. I was getting visions of future hangover from first sip. I would say don't use it as part of your two ingredient mix. Try like a teaspoon of the stuff with your existing rum and coke.

Very potent cherry flavor. Mixes well with coke

My wife loves this in a cherry limeade. I love it in 7 Up. The cherry flavor opens up a lot of mixing opportunities.