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Medium bacardi dragon berry rum

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Again, this is best mixed with fruit juice - my favorite being Passion Fruit but it can be enjoyed on the rocks as well!

Tjek anmeldelsen på Barcardi Razz - dette er fuldstændig det samme

Try it mixed with some good lemonade and imagine drinking a Strawberry Starbust candy

My fiancee loves this with pink lemonade and has converted several of our friends. It's not good at all for people who like real rum but for a flavored mass market product it's probably one of the better tasting ones if I'm being fair.

As the title says, this is a mixer and NOTHING else! How anyone could drink this straight is beyond me. Aroma is alcohol with a little fruity note. Flavor straight is VERY artificial strawberry and alcohol burn. Mixed with sweet drinks and fruit juices, it is tolerable.

Same with this whole line, all those flavoured "rums" i'd say please stop doing this, this has nothing to do with rum!

I would never drink anything of Bacardi straight. But by far if you mix this with some lemonade you will not have a bad time.

Bacardi line up has a few decent aged dark sipper rums, but on the absolute opposite end sits this vile liquid mixed with very artificial strawberry flavor. Like chewing a bar of soap.

The top 10 worst rums I have ever tried:
1. Barbancourt 4y / 8y / 15y
2. Bounty Dark Rum from Fiji
3. Stroh 40 / 80
4. Plantation Pineapple Stiggin's Fancy
5. Villa Rica 23y
6. Mocambo 15y / 20y
7. Captain Morgan different variations
8. Don Papa 10y / 15y
9. Bacardi flavored "rums", all of them
10. Kraken rums

A friend said i should taste this drink. Never liked it, horrible drink.

This is a mixer and nothing else. It does mx well with other rums and fruit puree and juice's

Drinkable only in cocktails, taste just awful, maybe you can use it for drinks

Sabor muy artificial, imposible de ingerir solo. Tal vez para algún Cocktail y tragos.

The title says it all. This is a strawberry flavored rum, which is better than many of the other Bacardi flavored rums I've tried. But their grape is better in my opinion, and their coconut is better still.

Bacardi doesn't even care whether you think this is rum. Teenagers love this crap because it's sweet and it gets them drunk. Having tasted it, I'm glad I'm not a teenager.


Due to my experince dragon fruits don't have any taste at all, so has this bottle.

Cheap rum with a strawberry flavor. I would only use this as a mixer.

So this is a very sweet rum and it has it's place on my rum list. I prefer with cola and at parties. Since I prefer cherry cola to regular cola that may tell you why I enjoy this rum.

this was Way to sweet for me, tended to mix this with fruit juice but it always ends up being a very sweet mix

I'm not a flavored or spiced lover, but when I tasted this one, I was happy. Not bad...really not bad. A nice mixer anyway

not sure if I'd even admit to calling this rum, but makes a very enjoyable dragon berry lemonade.

Not a fan of flavored or spiced rums, this only reinforced my opinions. Way too sweet, didn't find a compatible cocktail to use this in.

Det här var sött!

Tried many mixed drinks with this Bacardi stick to what your good at

Not as good as the coconut , but fairly tasty. Good with passion fruit juice