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Medium florida old reserve rum

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This rum is supposed to be "small batch" and "sherry cask aged" but Capn Jimbo at Capn Jimbo's Rum Project discovered Florida Caribbean Distillers to be anything but a small batch distillery. In fact it's a massive distillery producing a whole slew of liquors including some cheap rums.

That raises red flags.

Also I don't see how the two reviewers before me (Susan and The Bazaar Traveler) concluded this rum is worthy of a 10. Not to be conspiratorial but could they be affiliated in some way with Florida Caribbean Distillers? I ask because this rum is far from a 10. It's not the worst rum I've tasted but certainly not deserving of a 10.

The back label on the bottle claims a "deep mahogany hue". Hardly. The rum in the bottle I got was more of a bright amber and nowhere near a "deep mahogany hue"...not even a shallow-end-of-the-kiddie-pool mahogany hue". Bright amber.

The aroma in the bottle and in the snifter was nice. Made me think, prematurely, that I may have discovered something special.


The flavor is unremarkable with hints of sweetness but watery. It tasted as if someone diluted it with that "fresh water from deep within the Florida aquifer" (backyard hose?) Considering the Florida aquifer covers almost 100,000 square miles and supplies water for most of the state of Florida (along with parts of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi) this could be a fanciful way of saying "tap water".

Back to the flavor...

The is a bit of oak tone to it. And seems to have a bit of an oily consistency. The rum also has a rather strong and lingering burn. It's a little stronger than typical rums...42% ABV (84 proof) but the burn indicates it might be a tad higher than that.

For under $20, it's not a bad buy but for a few dollars more there are many rums that are far better.

3/1/2017 ADDENDUM: Got another bottle to try...different label and now labeled at 43% ABV. Perhaps I got a better batch this time. Just a tad smoother but still nothing exceptional. Still get a noticeable tannin aftertaste and still has a lingering burn. Since the flavor has improved somewhat I have bumped my rating up to a 6 but unless they improve dramatically I cannot see it going above a 6. The color and aroma is still essentially the same. Works best as a mixer. Definitely NOT a sipping rum. I still have suspicions as to the "10" ratings. Folks, this is far from a rum deserving a rating of 10. Trust me on this.

The sherry cask aging process is the icing on the cake for this unique rum. As a cane rum, the flavor and viscosity is what you would expect. But aging in sherry casks produces a wine-like flavor that is unique among rums. This rum is worth every penny of its price. I highly recommend.

A little lighter in color. Great bold spices balanced with a nice sweetness from sherry cask aging.

One of my first great rums! Love the bottle texture. f

Loved it. Smooth with a subtle sweetness and heat.

This Rum was a target of mine when I ventured down south on Spring vacation. Was not a bad choice, however I probably would not buy more than once.

It's a rum that tastes more mature than what they say on the bottle (2 years). Perhaps it is because they use sherry casks. I think of it as a medium bodied rum, not too sweet and not to dry. Nice that it is bottled at 84 proof.

The color was very close to the 5 year Barbados plantation with a light amber hue. The taste was nothing special, it didn't last and a very dry lingering aftertaste, like a Sherry wine. It was not a bad buy, but once it's gone I will not purchase again.. it makes for a good mai tai mixer. The alcohol burn is there toward the front but it concludes fast as it goes down and dries out the throat.

Definitely not for sipping. OK as a mixer. I wanted it to be good, but it did not meet expectations.

This Floridian rum may be hard to find but it is well worth it. Absolutely one of our favorites. The flavor and feel is perfection. The color is dreamy. Great alone or in mojitos. We search this one out. Well worth the price.