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Black Roberts Spiced rum

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10 Black Roberts Spiced ratings

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Posted about 7 years ago by Remy Chevalier from United States with 34 ratings

8 bucks at Total Wine. You get what you pay for. Instant migraine. Just happy I'll have the empty for my pirate bottle collection. The label is printed on this rainbow colors glistening prismatic paper which cheapens the look. Would look ten times better with a rustic feel, but then it would betray how badly the stuff tastes. Probably the worst I've ever tried. There should be a fifth option below next to "with cola" titled "spike the punch".

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Posted over 5 years ago by FrozenFrost from Canada with 2 ratings

Truly a shock when I tried Black Roberts this evening, I felt like trying a new rum and happened upon a $18 dollar bottle of the stuff.
and I've gotta say
The cinnamon really stands out, which can be an issue for some, But despite this it actually goes down fairly smooth, especially when compared to some of the other rums in its price range.
its got an intense forward mouth feel that I'm not the most fond of. however it becomes quite pleasant the farther back you take it,
That being said. for most this drink will likely be strictly with coke or mix for most folks.
If you're looking to move out of white rums or are just getting into rums in general. I think Roberts is on my short list. If you're a fan of rum or cinnamon then this may be a rum for you

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Posted about 6 years ago by John from United States with 16 ratings

This is even worse than morgan's spiced rum. Strictly a mixer!

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Posted 4 months ago by astrorum from United States with 1 rating

In contrast to Black Roberts Spice rum, I am a big fan of Black Roberts Gold Rum. I was previously and still am a fan of Castillo Gold Rum (beats Bacardi in taste tests), both of these have that wood barrel aged flavor that says "Cuban rum". So many gold rums today are white rums with caramel and coloring. If it's not aged in wood, it doesn't have that traditional rum flavor. While Castillo Gold has that definite wood aged flavor, Black Roberts is a very close second, and the price to quality ratio makes it my favorite rum.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Joola69 from United States with 2575 ratings

Bought a bottle of Spiced Black Roberts. Very cheap bottle and label design. Cheap at $9 a bottle. Pale golden color. Strong oak and even stronger cinnamon to the nose and palate. Nasty burn even when mixed. What a disappointment.

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Posted about 2 years ago by Paul from United States with 1 rating

Yes, it's a sweet rum but if you like spice; you won't find a better one. You can smell the spices before you pour the first drop. Not really a sipping rum but great with coke.

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Posted over 3 years ago by Mike from United States with 25 ratings

Very sweet and that's about it. Mixed with coke it's like drinking pancake syrup. Probably would have loved it when I was 15

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Shea from United States with 1 rating

I was rather surprised by how good it taste because of the low price at $12.99 for a 1.75 liter! It was one that I could drink it straight on the rocks.

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Oborowatabinost from United States with 3 ratings

I bought a bottle of this for $6 and we compared it to three others.(Worst to Greatest) Black Roberta, Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry, and Kraken and it was faaaar worse than any of the others.

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Posted about 6 years ago by Robban from Sweden with 12 ratings

Perfect name 👍😜