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Arcane Extraroma 12-Year rum

Arcane Extraroma 12-Year

Mauritius | Aged

Arcane Extraroma is a 12-year old solera rum from Mauritius made from pure cane sugar and aged in French oak barrels.

155 ratings
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155 Arcane Extraroma 12-Year ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Severin from France with 11 ratings

Si vous cherchez un rhum qui a goût de rhum c'est pas ici. Très spécial, arome banane trop mûre obtenue par ajout de sirops en tout genre. Pour autant, passé ce goût de banane, on peut trouver des choses intéressantes. Dommage


Posted 7 months ago by Marco Forlani from Italy with 35 ratings

I was curios to try this product. All the reviews were claiming its rich tropical fruit taste. To be honest this is true: this Rum has a noticeable tropical fruit taste, with a wide range from banana to papaya and mango. I'm not sure how this is obtained but it appears to me this enhancement is covering the not excellent quality of the base product. The final taste is sweet and has a strange, almost chemical note. Not a big fan of it.
I used it in some seafood recipes and it's actually a game changer. After all the alcohol has evaporated, it leaves an interesting tropical touch.


Posted over 1 year ago by MielMoustache from France with 12 ratings

I felt sick by this one. It tasted " chemical " for me because of the numerous aromas.


Posted 1 year ago by gloamingdan from Hungary with 8 ratings

I might have got a wrong batch or something - but to my liking this rum is terrible. It has a nice colour to it, but the smell already give away that this is something I have never tried before. I gave this a chance because of some great reviews I have read, but it's way under the expectations. The taste has strong vanilla and coconut hints, also a touch of banana and chocolate.
You can also taste the barrel and this might be the problem. The one I got has this really penetrating moldy cellar-taste, which is really like the smell that you encounter in really old vine-cellars. The after-taste is lasting and it's really this moldy greasy aroma that sticks. I like to enjoy rum neat, but even after having it mixed with some juice it was horrible and this flavour persists. As I said, it might be a wrong batch and I might taste it somewhere else as well to compare, but based on the bottle that I have this was a huge waste of money. At least I'll have something to shock my rum loving friends with. I gave it a 3 because it's obvious that it was originally made with fine ingredients, but it's as good as it gets.


Posted 1 month ago by Jojorhum from Canada with 10 ratings

J’ai acheté une bouteille de ce rhum par curiosité. Je l’ai ouvert à l’occasion d’un superbe week-end dans un chalet en famille. Il n’y a pas de mots pour décrire ma déception.
Le goût horrible d’antibiotiques que dégage ce rhum m’a mis à terre ! Avec tout le respect que j’ai pour ses producteurs, c’est vraiment le pire rhum que j’ai bu dans ma vie ... L’ odeur de médicaments émanant de mon verre n’est simplement pas acceptable. J’ai même changé de verre. J’ai essayé de l’aérer. J’ai également essayé avec un glaçon, pas buvable...
Que vais-je faire de cette bouteille presque remplie ?
Chaque rhum est une aventure, certes ! Je m’en serais bien passé de celle-là... 🙂