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Medium denizen aged white rum

Denizen Light rum was launched in 2010 by Citizen Spirits and produced by blending three styles of rum from Trinidad and Jamaica in Amsterdam.

The rums included in the final blend are primarily charcoal filtered aged rum from the Angostura distillery in Trinidad, which have been distilled in continuous column stills and aged up to 5 years in small American oak barrels. A small amount of fresh unaged Trinidadian rum Jamaican pot still rums are also included

""Denizen"" is derived from the Latin word Deintus, translated “from within”. The word was widely used between the 17th and 19th centuries to describe free spirited people who traveled around the world seeking new things and places.

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Almost no burn. Smells toasty and tastes VERY mildly fruity. I could go into detail to describe the nuances, but overall its a very mild rum. Seems to be predominantly light Trinidad rum in the blend, with the Jamaican coming through in subtle whiffs. I'd have it in a daiquiri.

Blend of Trinidad and Jamaica rums aged 3 years.

Just tried it sipping! Strikes a really nice balance with the blend. Trinidad brings the round and sweet character and the Jamaican brings the funk. Especially on the nose.

Its a good well and honestly not a bad sipper for a young white. Now, I don't know if I'd go out and buy a bottle myself but if someone asked for a cheap white Jamaican thats isn't overly funky I'd point them to this.

Well-balanced Trini rum with a hint of Jamaican funk (I wouldn't mind a little more). This versatile rum—like Banks and Plantation 3-Star—brings plenty of flavor to the offset with no of-putting alcohol aromas; unlike Plantation, it's not overly sweet. Mix it, sip it, you can't go wrong with Denizen.

Highly recommended.

7+, 8-

Sitting at a bar in Newport Rhode Island when I saw they had this rum to taste so I had to try it. Gain hint of caramel to my nose. I can taste a slight hint of oak and it goes down smoothly. A slight burn follows a few seconds later. Will do in a pinch.

An aged white with a bit more complexity. Surprisingly soft finish. Use this in cocktails with strong flavors like allspice dram and falernum and you''l be fine. It will also hold up well in a mojito.

Stronger flavors than your average white rum, bitter not a mixer except for exotic drinks like a Hemingway etc, but still not my fav.

The label promises a lot - rums blended from Trinidad and Jamaica - but the result is only fair. It's closer to your standard vodka-like white rums than it is to the top-tier light rums such as those by Cana Brava, Banks, Doorly and Plantation. Better than the low-enders such as Bacardi and friends, but if you haven't bought this yet, don't feel you have to. You won't be missing much. Try to find Cana Brava and see what world-class light rum should taste like.


This one really didn't start off well. Something about the initial aroma just seemed a bit off. A little too much ethanol smell. Tasting it revealed a minor bit of sweetness with a spiciness to it. Definitely a dry rum. A little too dry for me to be a sipping rum but excellent as a mixer. Especially fruit-based drinks.

This rum is a great sipper. I never mixed it never had to. Full of flavor. At this price no less than a 9.

More complexity than most white rums due to the blending of some aged and Jamaican rums.