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Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-Year rum

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-year rum is the premium version of the Matusalem company's rum, aged an average of 23 years and distilled from molasses using the traditional solera process.

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153 Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-Year ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Filip from Sweden with 82 ratings

Of the Matusalem rums I've tried this is the best, but it doesn't really stand out against other rums...

Posted over 4 years ago by Nicolae from Denmark with 11 ratings

Good rum. Works well straight or in any rum flavoured drink.

Posted over 4 years ago by Guido from Italy with 4 ratings

Da bere da solo o con poco ghiaccio, uno dei più buoni rum fino ad ora provato. Da riprendere sicuramente.

Posted over 4 years ago by tftowner106 from Canada with 23 ratings

Added an ice cube to open it up and really enjoyed it.

Posted over 4 years ago by Aarvaag from Norway with 32 ratings

This rum is to fall in love with. Easy to drink and in a nice bottle

Posted over 4 years ago by Alexander Hæstrup from Denmark with 5 ratings

Konkurrent til Zacapa 23, men alligevel ikke til at sammenligne.
Matusalem vinder dog 100% på flaske design, efter min menig.

Posted over 4 years ago by Per Rosenhave from Denmark with 173 ratings

Der er nu noget over Matusalems flasker, som jeg som samler ikke kan modstå. Det er nu sådan at selv min højt elskede kone er med på samler vognen og dermed er med til at udvælge de rom vi skal have :-)

Posted over 4 years ago by Andy from United Kingdom with 138 ratings

Amazing nose, a creamy vanilla with hazelnut - one of the best out there. Smooth flavor of subtle vanilla and a little spice. Limited molasses comes through, almost a 'pure' taste... would have liked a little more to come through. The finish is strikingly long almost like a mild pop-rocks spice, quite pleasant.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Mikkel Nielsen from Denmark with 32 ratings

This is a fine rum, good taste, It is a solid one.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Don Lému from France with 8 ratings

SImply the best. Tasted fruits, vanilla, caramel, dark-chocolate, ect...
trully an experience.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Lasse Bloch from Denmark with 59 ratings

hvis det skulle være matusalems svar, på en modstander til zacapa og ligende så er den ikke lige i øjet.
men en ok rom og så kommer den i fed indpakning :)

Posted almost 5 years ago by Rayden from Italy with 44 ratings

I never forgot the good sensation in my body when I tasted for the first time Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-Years. With a piece of black-chocolate, is great. For those like me who love aged rums, this one is a must have!

Posted almost 5 years ago by Jörn Rohleder from Finland with 23 ratings

This is a complicated one. Very very dry and too short on the tongue. Let it develop in the glas for a few minutes to get at least some of the dry fruit flavours. Too expensive.

Posted almost 5 years ago by Jul from France with 28 ratings

Encore un rhum bien fait. Gout caramel chocolat. C'est facile, abordable

Posted about 5 years ago by Marc from Netherlands with 30 ratings

This is a very nice and "fruity"rum.
It's a bit dry with a bite which disapeers if you let the rum breathe a bit in the glass.
Nice notes of banana in it.
I think I will be enjoying this rum in the summer with a big cube of ice in it.

Posted about 5 years ago by taz.c from France with 84 ratings

a avoir gouté au moins une fois...
vraiment plaisant, même s'il n'a pas la longueur en bouche attendue.

Posted about 5 years ago by Thomas Erichsen from Denmark with 5 ratings

Havde dog forventet lidt mere fra en 23 års. Flasken pynter i samlingen og den er absolut en god rom.

Posted about 5 years ago by Prter Dreier from Denmark with 18 ratings

A very drinkable rum but not as complex or sweet as one could expect for a "23" year old rum.

Posted over 5 years ago by LD from Italy with 34 ratings

It tries to emulate Zacapa 23. Same method, same years but different result. Good but nothing special. its vote should be 6,5

Posted over 5 years ago by Peter from Hungary with 91 ratings

Great looking,heavy bottle,much better then the 15yo. Should have a place in your premium rum collection

Posted over 5 years ago by kasper Svendsen from Denmark with 17 ratings

If you pop the cork and start sniffing, the strength of the spirit is quite overwelming. But if you let it breath for a minute or two, the caramel/vanilla really comes through. Quite a strong rum, with a bit of bite, but in a good way. Nice legs in the glass and a beautiful bottle. A little dry, but a nice sipping rum.

Posted over 5 years ago by Bryan Sprang from Denmark with 21 ratings

Good sipping rum, a little strong in the start but smooth at the finish.

Posted over 5 years ago by Rasmus Tranberg from Denmark with 19 ratings

Had heard a lot of bad reviews on this one, but decided to try it myself. Very nice nose and sweet tones. Easy to drink and smooth

Posted over 5 years ago by guewen from France with 97 ratings

rhum équilibré très parfumé, à déguster en début d'apéro pour en saisir toute la saveur !!

Posted over 5 years ago by Kenneth Olesen from Denmark with 77 ratings

Super nose, dry yet balanced rom. Closes very soft even though its not a sweet rum. 5/10 sweetness. Interesting flavours, lacks a bit in depth. And a cool bottle.