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Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-Year rum

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-Year

Dominican Republic | Aged

Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-year rum is the premium version of the Matusalem company's rum, aged an average of 23 years and distilled from molasses using the traditional solera process.

7.2/10 (170 ratings)
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170 Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-Year ratings

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Posted over 2 years ago by Patrick from Switzerland with 24 ratings

Just emptied my bottle. need absolutely A new one!


Posted 2 months ago by Regan from Canada with 75 ratings

Ok I guess I’m crazy but some of these reviews are like so so ? And it’s ok ?
I had the lucky opportunity to try this rum at a buddy of mine’s house and as I would love to see the price before I rate it any rum that I can drink with a splash of water and only get a slight burn has my attention
Once mixed like a like it as I mix all rum no matter how high or low end one may think 1 ounce rum 1 ounce water 2 ice cubes and about 3-4 ounces coke this rum absolutely sings , nice caramel notes with a small oaky spice and a very smooth finish 👍👍👍 thumbs up to this bottle , can I have some more please 👍


Posted 2 months ago by igotek from Ukraine with 12 ratings

Very simple and disappointing. Just vanilla sugar on Nose, and soft brown sugar on Taste, without any harshness.


Posted 2 months ago by MOX from Sweden with 13 ratings

Nice fat bottle and a tasty rum, full of sugar and a sweet spicyness.


Posted 2 months ago by GioTheDrifter from Thailand with 4 ratings

Good aromatic, smooth, little sweet, good for slow sipping, but less value for money comparing to the Gran Reserva 15.


Posted 3 months ago by M. Geisser from Switzerland with 43 ratings

It‘s not a bad rum but not a great one either. Nothing complex or challenging.
Would drink again but not sure if I would buy again.

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Posted 3 months ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 128 ratings

Not as good as other rums in same category (Zacapa, Diplomatico, Centenario) but a fine beginners rum.

Nose is fruity and sweet
Taste is creamy with long finish.

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Posted 5 months ago by Mr. Rumantic from Germany with 69 ratings

Der Matusalem 23 Jahre Solera ist ein Melasse Rum welcher aus der Dominikanischen Republik kommt. Wie hoch der Anteil des ältesten Rums
ist, weiß ich nicht. Wie immer bei Solera ist es eine Wundertüte. Der Rum ist wahrscheinlich ungesüßt. Er wurde auf die klassische Trinkstärke von 40% verdünnt und abgefüllt.

Der Matusalem ist nach dem Öffnen erst ein mal eine Mischung aus Würze und Schärfe. Wenn die Schärfe verfliegt kommen süße Noten dazu. Beim Trinken zeigt der Rum eine durchaus angenehme Süße mit Karamel, Vanille und viel Würze. Leider ist der Alkohol nicht gut eingebunden. Er schmeckt aber vollmundiger als erwartet. Der Abgang wird von Schärfe gestört und Bitterstoffe welche Holz und Fassnoten etwas überschatten. Nach 23 Jahre schmeckt das leider nicht.

Der Matusalem 23 Solera ist kein schlechter Rum und er lässt sich pur trinken. Preislich ist er aber einfach zu teuer für das was er bietet. Dann würde ich doch lieber den Santa Teresa 1796 kaufen. Hier fehlt zwar die Würze, dafür ist er besonders im Abgang und Nachklang angenehmer und hier ist der Preis angemessen. Den Matusalem 23 Solera empfinde ich etwas zu teuer.

The Matusalem 23 years Solera is a molasses rum that comes from the Dominican Republic. I don't know how high the proportion of the oldest rum is. As always with Solera, it's a miracle bag. The rum is probably unsweetened. It was diluted and bottled to the classic drinking strength of 40%.

The Matusalem is a mixture of spice and sharpness after opening. When the sharpness evaporates, sweet notes are added. When drinking, the rum shows a pleasant sweetness with caramel, vanilla and a lot of spice. Unfortunately, alcohol is not well integrated. But it tastes more full-bodied than expected. The finish is disturbed by sharpness and bitter substances that overshadow wood and barrel notes a little. Sadly it doesn't taste like 23 years.

The Matusalem 23 Solera is not a bad rum and it can be drunk pure. But in terms of price, it's just too expensive for what it offers. Then I would rather buy the Santa Teresa 1796. Here the spice is missing, but it is especially pleasant in the finish and aftertaste and the price is reasonable. The Matusalem 23 Solera is just too expensive.


Posted 6 months ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 199 ratings

Much better than the 10 year old but still sort of lifeless. Thin. No body. No bite. There is some flavor, molasses and a little mocha which was nice. There is some complexity here. Some sultana and coffee notes in the background. One would expect that from a rum aged this long. This is pretty sweet. Finish is good and medium in length. Better on ice than neat. There is that solera aftertaste in the background which I am not a fan of. Bottom line is there are MANY rums of this age and younger which blow this away and cost less.


Posted 6 months ago by pss&365 from United States with 1 rating

This one of the finess rum that I have tasted. It is so smooth that you never tast the alcahol in the drink.


Posted 6 months ago by Makal from Sweden with 5 ratings

Nice full flavour and aroma, not to sweet. Bottle is nice and heavy. It is a tie for me with Plantation Barbados XO 20th anniversary