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Pirate's Grog Golden rum

Pirate’s Grog rum is produced in Honduras on the island of Roatan by blending various rums from around the Caribbean that have been aged up to 5 years in American oak casks.

The name ""Pirate's Grog"" heralds to the mixture of 90 proof rum and water known as grog, which was first rationed by Admiral Sir Edward Vernon to his ship's crew in the early 1700's.

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37 Pirate's Grog Golden ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Melda from Czech Republic with 60 ratings

Tento rum mi docela chutnal. Velice zajímavý a dobrý.

Posted over 3 years ago by Youri from Netherlands with 62 ratings

I liked it the first time but it's not as tasty as for example el dorado 12

Posted over 3 years ago by Jan Mynar from Czech Republic with 53 ratings

This is quite cheap rum with very rich taste, from my point of view better than other well-know expensive brands. I really like it, in addition it is only rum exported from Honduras :)

Posted over 3 years ago by Vincent from Netherlands with 20 ratings

Given the earlier reviews, it got my attention. However, I was disappointed with the flavor and smell of the rum. There are some hints of vanilla, true, but it tastes very thin and like a blend with water. Once, not again

Posted over 3 years ago by Chris L from United Kingdom with 78 ratings

Very smooth for such a young aged rum (5 years), and a lovely rich flavour, very good

Posted over 3 years ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 194 ratings

Smooth , light and tasty. Let it sit in the glass for 10 minutes so the alcohol vapour dissipates , then the flavours come through. Vanilla , Butterscotch , sugar cane, and has an excellent finish with no burn.Super impressive for a youngish rum. Also great mixer with both ginger beer and cola. Reminds me of "Stolen Golden Rum" from this side of the world. I will treat myself to a bottle of the Pirates Grog No. 13 next.

Posted over 3 years ago by S.L. from Netherlands with 9 ratings

A great light rum, great for sipping with lots of flavour

Posted almost 4 years ago by Marco from Netherlands with 45 ratings

This is a rum in the lower price category but you`ll be surprised by It`s content. This is just a delicious, light (38.5 alc.vol.) , tasty one wich comes in a real nice bottle. It`s also a lttle sweet, probably a great after dinner rum. Will buy again for sure!

Posted about 4 years ago by Ces Gerard from United States with 1 rating

It is definitely a nice sipping rum. Very smooth and a balanced flavor. Does not leave an alcohol aftertaste, rather it lets you enjoy the flavor of the rum from the first touch of the tongue all the way to the throat.

Posted about 4 years ago by LuvRumMan from United States with 1 rating

I've been sipping on the Golden for several years now. The first time was something quite new. I sipped it neat. I fell in love at first sip. It was smooth, no bite. It was soft, sweet, subtle, really easy. I usually drink bourbon, then scotch... neat. Now if I had one choice, it'd be this rum. Always exceptional. My son loves rum, would really love to be able to send him a bottle soon.

Posted about 4 years ago by Hayden from New Zealand with 2 ratings

This has to be the tastiest rum I've ever tried. With over 10 years in the bar trade I have never come across one so smooth. The ageing in Bourbon barrels really help bring in the flavour tones of vanilla and raisins. Sipping or as an espresso rumtini. Winning

Posted over 4 years ago by BJ from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

I was given this rum in a beautiful chest for my birthday, it even had a little scroll in the box which my hubby had written a nice happy birthday message on. Unfortunately it's been polished off already so I'm hoping bottle number two will be under the Xmas tree. We drank it neat most of the time but it also mixed really well with Cawston's pressed apple and ginger juice. I'd definitely recommend this rum to a friend :)

Posted almost 6 years ago by thefatrumpirate from United Kingdom with 122 ratings

Even a sipper at a push if you enjoy the Pot Still Jamaican style

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