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Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced rum

Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced

Saint Kitts And Nevis | Spiced

7.4/10 (74 ratings)
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74 Brinley Gold Shipwreck Spiced ratings

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Posted 4 months ago by je_farley from United States with 107 ratings

Unlike a couple of reviewers I thought the nose was not very heavy in alcohol or spice. Not a sipper but a great build rum with cola or ginger ale. Did not try citrus but believe it would not carry.

This is a great rum in place of more traditional spiced rums and would be a nice surprise for guests. Smother with no aftertastes could major a good blender too.

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Posted 6 months ago by Chris Moulton from Canada with 14 ratings

What a great surprise. Bought it on a whim and never looked back. A great spiced rum. Sweetness and full of spice. Really enjoyed this rum.

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Posted 6 months ago by Skyvie from United States with 31 ratings

Wonderfully smooth. Rich and sophisticated rum with vanilla-carmel flavor. Reminds me a lot of Captain Morgan Private Reserve. Great rum to drink by itself to fully appreciate its flavor. Highly recommended!

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Posted 7 months ago by jackw625 from United States with 23 ratings

This is a very solid and sipable rum for the price

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Posted 10 months ago by fraktahl from Estonia with 3 ratings

Cheap and not well known yet so good! A little bit too sweet maybe but I can live with that)

It's hard to get in Europe though. I hope it gets more popular here.

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Posted 11 months ago by Fwittmeyer from United States with 11 ratings

Read about this rum in a top spiced rums piece . Graded out to be second best so I had to try it. Ended up being one of my favorite mixers for sure. Smooth and strong vanilla hints which I like. For sure a great choice.

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Posted 12 months ago by synchtw from United States with 13 ratings

A nice, smooth taste without any overpowering touches. Something I could see becoming a nice standby.

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Posted about 1 year ago by ReclaimedCedar from United States with 10 ratings

I had no expectations and I am so pleasantly surprised. I don’t normally love spiced rum but this is a nice caramel vanilla that doesn’t overdo it. It’s very smooth. Would definitely recommend

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Posted over 1 year ago by bob357 from United States with 1 rating

Just a basic spiced; better than Capt. Morgan's, but not as good as homemade.

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Posted over 1 year ago by EmfiniGee from United States with 21 ratings

This is a good choice when a spiced rum is called for in a cocktail or the next time someone asks you to pick up Captain Morgan grab this instead.