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Pusser's Overproof rum

Pusser's Overproof

Virgin Islands, British | Overproof

32 ratings
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32 Pusser's Overproof ratings

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Posted 7 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 274 ratings

This was my rum in the 80s and Pussers changed the formula for the USA. I quit drinking the lower proof for years didn’t like it near as well, but started again the last few years. Unfortunately they did the same thing with the 15 last year. This was my first love rum.


Posted over 4 years ago by Mark Ellis from United Kingdom with 37 ratings

Excellent navy rum, good aroma and smooth taste. Recommend


Posted over 8 years ago by Da'rum from Germany with 22 ratings

If this is the 75% over proof then it doesn't get much better than this. Pour a glass add a good amount of water and sip straight. Beautiful flavours and smooth. Navy rum at it's finest. If you see a bottle, buy it.

Let's just hope that this franchise doesn't fall into a quality destroying/profit obsessed mega corporation like DIAGEO.

This is rum history.


Posted 12 months ago by Dj Gee Funk from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

Pussers is up there in my top 10. if I find a rum bar I always hit this rum! For me the original British navy rum! Very nice


Posted over 1 year ago by Chavelo from Greece with 23 ratings

Good quality Overproof Navy style Rum. Not easy to find everywhere but worth the search


Posted 4 years ago by Tomas from Czech Republic with 146 ratings

I always remember faces of peoples which taste this with no idea of it being overproofed ... a bit. Pretty interesting. 7 is for all the fun.


Posted over 5 years ago by David from Germany with 77 ratings

Spicy and strong rum but equally well balanced and tasty. Great for mixing and baking.


Posted almost 7 years ago by thefatrumpirate from United Kingdom with 122 ratings

The standard "Blue Label" Pussers in the UK is this 54.5% beast.

The best navy rum without a doubt


Posted 18 days ago by newstedko from Slovakia with 21 ratings

Intenzivna aroma aj chut. Ostrost 54% je citit. Karamel musi byt


Posted 2 months ago by spagr from Czech Republic with 43 ratings

even if it a overproof rum, it has taste. Anyway - you still do not have power to dring the whole bottle alone.


Posted 4 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 325 ratings

The smell is very spicy, the alcohol bites you in the nose.
It's sweet, I get burned sugar, caramel, molasses and some ripe banana, also other ripe fruits.
In the background is some earth and a musty demerara note. With dilution it turns more earthy.

The taste starts with sweetness and demerara notes. Added sugar I think.
I get burned sugar and molasses, it turns very spicy. Then some honey and bitter notes.
In the middle I get more of the burned sugar, molasses and some fruits like in Jamaica OFTD. But they are overlapped by the sweetness. Then some honey of demerara rum and the spice.

It's too sweet in my opinion. Also very spicy, but this is not the problem.
I would rate it with 67 points.

Nose: burned sugar, caramel, molasses, ripe bananas and other fruits, earth, musty demerara note
Taste initial: burned sugar, molasses, spice, honey, some ripe banana, some bitter notes
Middel: burned sugar, molasses, some fruits, sweetness, honey, spice
Finish: spice, burned sugar, molasses, honey

Sweetness: 3/5
Fruits: 2/5
Spice: 5/5
Mildness: 1/5
Complexity: 2.5/5
Value (30€): 2/5