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Don Papa Small Batch rum

Don Papa Small Batch

Philippines | Aged

Don Papa Small Batch Rum is produced by the Bleeding Heart Rum Company on the southern island of Negros in the Philippines. The rum is distilled from molasses, then aged for over 7 years in American oak barrels, and lastly charcoal filtered.

The name Don Papa rum was inspired by Papa Isio, a leader of the Philippine revolution against the Spanish who led his island to independence before joining the main revolutionary movement.

5.7/10 (737 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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737 Don Papa Small Batch ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 456 ratings

Fruity delight with an incredible aftertaste that shocks you for the cost wow


Posted over 3 years ago by DOMINO from Switzerland with 19 ratings

Strictly not a pleasure to drinke. Smells like something else than rum. Sweet & harsh. I gave it a 2nd chance but it's still at the last place in my cabinet. Awful


Posted almost 4 years ago by Rodrigo from Mexico with 115 ratings

this rum is not a rum, i think. it is a heavy sweetend spirit, like bubble gum flavour. there is much vanilla sugar in it.


Posted over 4 years ago by JU04 from France with 45 ratings

Taste of vanilla and citrus notes.
Not bad to drink but not a real rum : an artifical rum.


Posted 5 years ago by Knaky from France with 45 ratings

Certes y'a du goût ! C'est très étonnant la première fois, tellement étonnant qu'on dirait du "spiced rum"... Autrement dit un rhum festif et débridé. Très doux, très parfumé, fruité, super facile à boire. Si vous me le permettez je dirais : un rhum pour les demoiselles en vogue ! Pas de complexité, pas de longueur qu'on attend sur un rhum vieux.


Posted over 6 years ago by maxime from France with 1 rating

All things but not rum, for me, it's the "redbull" of rum family.
Interesting to taste to understand what's a commercial product.


Posted 12 days ago by Craiglee from Netherlands with 41 ratings

Someone got me this for my birthday. Not knowing the brand I was blown away by the packaging and artwork. Upon opening the bottle you realise something strange is going on. Doesn't smell or taste like any other rum I have ever tried and that's not a compliment. Nearly-full bottle hangs around in the drinks cabinet because of it's artwork.

Small 10zpkh

Posted 1 month ago by Limsn from Poland with 16 ratings

Tried it both neat and on the rocks. First sip got me positively surprised, I definitely enjoyed it - however before the glass in front of me was empty, I was already sure I will not be able to swallow another one. Its sweetness becomes overwhelming and it does not taste like aged rum at all. To summarize this spirit: if you fancy a single, pleasant drink on the rocks to end a long day - Don Papa Small Batch may meet your requirements, if sweetness is your thing. On the other hand, if you'd like to feel the taste of rum on your tongue, choose something else from the cabinet.


Posted 3 months ago by attalal9 from Sweden with 17 ratings

This is at best something to make cocktails out of. Undrinkable as a sipping rum. Very close to toothpaste in smell and taste.


Posted 5 months ago by Mirjamvdbg from Netherlands with 17 ratings

De derde deze avond en het meest zoete van deze avond


Posted 5 months ago by Erik from Germany with 4 ratings

By far the worst Spirit that I have ever tried. I am glad that I purchased a small tasting bottle and didn't waste money on a big one. This stuff is not drinkable. It is overly sweet and has a very strong taste of artificial vanilla. There is more vanilla in this then in Vanilla Coke. This is not rum!