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Brugal Extra Viejo rum

Brugal Extra Viejo

Dominican Republic | Aged

5.8/10 (97 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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97 Brugal Extra Viejo ratings

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Posted almost 5 years ago by Ben from Canada with 58 ratings

Mon rhum préféré pour la plupart de mes cocktails.

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Posted about 1 year ago by Ron Tyaon from United States with 14 ratings

Not as sweet or deep as the upper echelon rums but overall very good. Beautiful dark color with with notes of vanilla and molasses.

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Posted over 1 year ago by jennissa from Switzerland with 28 ratings

absolut der beste rum zum mixen!!(cuba liebre i love you)!! preis leistung absolut super! pur geniesen nein danke!

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Posted over 1 year ago by Robhendriks from Belgium with 11 ratings

It's not thé worst, of thé best. Just ok for it's price a

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Posted over 1 year ago by kmpiast from Poland with 41 ratings

Cheap good for coctails, without depth, better than bacardi, captain morgan. But on the other hand for that price I think Jameson whiskey is better way to go...

Final verdict: Maybe some day I will giv it another shot

D04d022698db53c0fbd6e82c593ca574.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 1 year ago by eddieo from United States with 92 ratings

Seriously, did they catch these bottles swimming in an enchanted swimming hole in the DR? The ABV is weak for the style, and it tastes like candy water. They could do much better with a little more TLC with the product, instead of focusing so much on the brand.

C539b9795f27ebf7529ee095ffc53ed4.png?s=40& avatar

Posted over 1 year ago by ProfessionalFloridian from United States with 13 ratings

Harsh with no depth. I don't have much to offer here. I don't have any ideas as to what they're doing wrong, just that is in fact wrong. Too many great options out there to settle for this.

751882498f7933bcd41d7e38cd3113fe.png?s=40& avatar

Posted almost 2 years ago by Doug from Canada with 21 ratings

The aroma and taste of this rum has no other flavor than alcohol. Definitely not for drinking straight or with water. Maybe ok for a mixer but I didn't even wish to try anymore of it.

Ec2492d5580637b8ff3a6654e0841e5e.png?s=40& avatar

Posted almost 2 years ago by Jagsroy (PREMIUM) from Canada with 157 ratings

Having had Brugal Anejo, Brugal XV and Brugal 1888, it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on a bottle of Brugal Extra Viejo. This version of the Brugal line sells for $35 CAD in my area and I would guess it is most likely used as a mixer. In spite of the low rating on this site (5.9 from 78 ratings) I thought I would give it a try as a sipper rum as it is known to be very dry, with no sugar added.

This rum is dry indeed and while not a premium rum, it is nevertheless acceptable neat but much better rums are available for a few extra dollars. Would I drink this again? Yes. Will I purchase another bottle? Not likely.

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Dan Brush from United States with 7 ratings

Very good, but a little too sweet f

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Posted about 2 years ago by Hector from United States with 59 ratings

El sabor no es malo, es un poquito dulce y sabe mejor q el Brugal Añejo q sabe a tierra. No es uno de mis favoritos ya que al dia despues de tomar este ron me dio muy mala resaca y dolor de cabeza. Brugal tiene mejores rones q este.