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Medium captain morgan lime bite rum

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14 Captain Morgan Lime Bite ratings

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Captain Morgan Lime Bite could be used as a lime flavored drainage cleaner. It is not suitable for neat sipping. There's way too much sugar, artificial flavors and the alcohol smell and burn is like lime flavored rubbing alcohol.

I tried this in a Mojito thinking it might be interesting. I was wrong. It was the worst Mojito I ever had...

I enjoy this rum as my summer drink, especially on boat rides or while fishing. I don't mix my rum with anything and just enjoy them on the rocks.

This has great lime hint and is also good alone on the rocks.

I guess if you were stuck on a deserted isle with no lime trees and wanted the taste of lime in your drinks you might put up with this. Otherwise avoid.

The reviewers like this with Coke. Probably because it kills the taste of this fake rum product. Instead, buy a fresh lime and some good, drinkable rum, and you'll live longer.

Very good with Orange Juice, Dry Ginger or even in Jelly Shots.

Very strong flavors, I did add it to my Key Lime Pie and was amazing.


This is great if you add it to a mixed drink with other rums in it. You can take this as a shot to drink with a beer as well. Works good with Dos Equis or Corona

I was not a fan. It is clear rum with some lime flavoring. I had it once and that will likely be all I ever have of it.

Really only great for captain n coke

My interest was piqued with the lime twist. But, sadly, it is still Captain Morgan. Just not an attention grabber. Ok with coke zero

If you like your Captain with Lime in it then your are ahead of the game with this one. I mix it with Coke or Ginger Ale and call it a night.

Nice added flavor with cola

Nice take on spiced rum with cola. It's a good change of pace from the regular spiced and cola.