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Captain Morgan Private Stock rum

Captain Morgan Private Stock

Puerto Rico | Gold

Captain Morgan Private Stock rum is produced from molasses and aged for over 2 years in ex-bourbon barrels before being blended with spices.

The Captain Morgan brand was created in 1945 and named after the famous pirate and eventual governor of Jamaica Captain Henry Morgan.The rum's original home was Puerto Rico with it was distilled by Seralles, but is now St Croix.

6.8/10 (368 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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368 Captain Morgan Private Stock ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by Fwittmeyer from United States with 11 ratings

Never really tried this Rum until about a year ago and it for sure is a go to for me. When I think of Captain Morgan I think of the commercialized version which is not a real representation. This is more like what I would call Rum. Hints of Vanilla and Caramel . A great addition to the liquor cabinet. You wont feel ashamed bringing this one out.


Posted 3 years ago by Dante De Rubin from Mexico with 42 ratings

This is a excellent rum! Its not the typical Captain Morgan Rum.
The company made an effort with this excellent rum!


Posted over 3 years ago by Justin from United States with 7 ratings

I've tried about 20 spiced rums and this is my favorite. Not too much vanilla, nor alcohol burn. This is what I reach for to drink neat, or with an ice cube. For mixing its very good but drunken sailor is my choice for mixing as it has a lot more vanilla ( a flavor I enjoy)


Posted over 3 years ago by Wrongrider from United States with 18 ratings

There is always a bottle of Captain somewhere in my house and from time to time this one appears. It was a more elegant flavor than the original. Sip or mix it can be whatever you want.


Posted over 4 years ago by Martin Jelen from Czech Republic with 77 ratings

If you enjoy CM spiced gold, this will blow your mind.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Dany from Canada with 15 ratings

This has to be the sweetest rum in my collection. Im not a big fan of Captain Morgan rums, for me they are bar rums. But this one is a great surprised, at this price point its a great sipping rum. If you are new to The rum scene this is a good entry level rum to start your collection.


Posted almost 5 years ago by mistercoughy from United States with 239 ratings

They didn't even try with this one. Someone poured a large bag of sugar into a barrel of semi-aged bulk rum, added some vanilla and baking spices, and called it private stock.

The stuff tastes like acid reflux. I would actually serve it to my worst enemy because, who else?


Posted over 5 years ago by Sammie from United States with 15 ratings

I'm not going to write a long one here. I hope you like vanilla because Private Stock is a vanilla bomb of epic proportions. It's sweet with loads of sweet brown sugar and dark molasses notes. There is a but of a nutty goodness. I get lots of baking spice especially in the finish, mostly nutmeg and hint clove. Private stock is sweet spicy and easy to drink neat. I can see people mixing this but it's a waste. This is a sipper that tastes above it's price range.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Vlado from Slovakia with 51 ratings

Pre mňa je Private Stock veľké prekvapenie, myslím pozitívne. Je to veľmi pekná, silno korenistá zmes dvoj ročných rumov, s chuťou klinčekov, sladkej vanilky a prezretých hrozienok. Je neskutočne jemný a vyvážený. Je síce dosť sladký, ale mne to nevadí. Nevhodný by bol len pre milovníka suchého rumu, alebo s minimom cukru. Podľa môjho skromného názoru sa v tejto cenovej kategórii (niekde okolo 25€ za 1L) nedá absolútne nič podobné zohnať. Výborný je s kockou ľadu a s plátkom citróna. Kto nemal, nech vyskúša. Nemá to veľa spoločné s lacnejšími kapitánmi...=)


Posted 4 years ago by FEARNL from Netherlands with 1 rating

I have a lot of shit rums for mixing in the house but this one has a special place.

I like to drink this one pure and as well is an a mix (if a feel like I need extra sweetness).


Posted over 4 years ago by Derek Harris from United States with 31 ratings

This is one of my standard bearers for a good ole fashioned rum and coke. Much smoother than its younger brother and equally obtainable, it is the definitive choice on an evening with friends. Easy to throw back and forget how many you have had.