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Captain Morgan Private Stock rum

Captain Morgan Private Stock rum is produced from molasses and aged for over 2 years in ex-bourbon barrels before being blended with spices.

The Captain Morgan brand was created in 1945 and named after the famous pirate and eventual governor of Jamaica Captain Henry Morgan.The rum's original home was Puerto Rico with it was distilled by Seralles, but is now St Croix.

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343 Captain Morgan Private Stock ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Nicholas Miller from United States with 75 ratings

It's like kraken if kraken didn't suck. Not a smooth sipper, thick oily and sweet but gets way too much heat. I don't care for it that much because of the excessive amounts of molasses/brown sugar with vanilla. It makes a distinct diet coke and rum but I think there are better options. Especially for it's price (25$)

Posted almost 4 years ago by Steve from United States with 23 ratings

Nice smmoth rum. Perfectvfor sipping neet. Vanilla notes.

Posted over 4 years ago by Chet from United States with 182 ratings

Ok this rum is what it is and I think the flavor is very nice and enjoyable. The ole Captain won Lots of Vanilla, sweet and very enjoyable. The Private Stock would be served well on ice cream. I served this at a blind rum tasting of around 25 rums. Now given that only a few guys know anything about rum everyone consistently gave it a 8-9 out of 10. I scored it a 7 but it is a good 7.5. Excellent priced tasty rum.. Can go as a high end Rum and Coke if yur shy with neat..

Posted over 4 years ago by mistercoughy from United States with 239 ratings

They didn't even try with this one. Someone poured a large bag of sugar into a barrel of semi-aged bulk rum, added some vanilla and baking spices, and called it private stock.

The stuff tastes like acid reflux. I would actually serve it to my worst enemy because, who else?

Posted over 4 years ago by nomad from United States with 125 ratings

The amount of vanilla overwhelms anything else that might be an asset. Regular Capt. is a better product.

edited to add sugar test results- 45g

Posted almost 5 years ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 190 ratings

Sugar: 45- 50 gpl. Not much to say about this but if you read the label you will see that there is a lot of sugar added to this rum to where it is close to being a desert rum. It's got a bit of vanilla and caramel and spice in it and overall I would say that it's agreeable to those that don't like rum without cola. Don't mix this with anything sweet. I suggest that you put it on ice, or on ice cream. It's a good value rum, but I like a little or a lot more taste.

Posted almost 7 years ago by Papa Bear from Canada with 16 ratings

Captain Morgan trying to break into the upper end of the market. Good , just not great.

Posted 7 days ago by Anthony C from United States with 100 ratings

Not a bad sipper, but still cheaper in taste. Great mixer to switch up the old capt and coke.

Posted 19 days ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 123 ratings

Very tasty sipper on ice. Smooth, fruity, touch of vanilla and maybe toffee.

Posted about 1 month ago by Therealdk from United States with 5 ratings

This rum is strait vanilla. Not good on its own but tastes good as a mixer with coke. Probably wouldn’t buy again unless to give to friends to mix at a party.

Posted about 1 month ago by juice062190 from United States with 5 ratings

This was my first "starter" before moving up. I have not had this in years and it is not a bad rum there are just better ones out there. It has a vanilla, coffee and cocoa taste but it is super dry. Has a little spice taste, like hot spice taste and that can take away from it. Overall not bad for mixing, but there are far better options for the price.

Posted about 1 month ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 27 ratings

However, when compared to the rum admiralty its rank as captain is deserved. Don't get me wrong, this is a quality rum. Easy to drink too. I like sweet rums but this one might be edging into too sweet territory. Lacks the alcohol bite that very fine rums incorporate without losing smoothness or balance. I like it, but it simply cannot sail along side the elite rums out there.

Posted about 2 months ago by Pollux from Canada with 121 ratings

A boire avec accompagnement, coke ou 7up. Vous pouvez l'essayer avec une glace ,ais sans plus!

Posted 3 months ago by Loud from Canada with 13 ratings

I find myself reaching for this Over many more expensive rums. I really like spiced rums, but this rum Is particularly tasty. It’s got really nice caramel flavours.

I’ve started giving it some time to breathe and noticed a big difference. After about 10 minutes any harsh notes were gone and I really enjoy what’s left.

Posted 3 months ago by Britain22 from United States with 10 ratings

For the price, this is a great Rum. It is always available in every liquor store I have been in and the price is always within reach. You can drink it str8 or mixed with soda and either way it works well.

Posted 3 months ago by jackw625 from United States with 22 ratings

I was surprised by how good this rum was. Wasn’t expecting much from captain Morgan

Posted 3 months ago by Rummy Martin from United States with 6 ratings

Just the amount of spice, this is one oif my favorite inexpensive rums. Good neat, great in cocktails.

Posted 3 months ago by Napoon from Germany with 15 ratings

Ein Literpreis von 30€ und man bekommt einen gefälligen und süßen Rum.
Die Flasche sieht nett aus und man kann ihn auch Neulingen anbieten.

Hier ist der Zuckergehalt mit 45 Gramm pro Liter ähnlich hoch wie bei den Premium-Rums der 100 € Klasse.
Aber es wird nicht damit gelogen das der süße Geschmack einer 30jährigen Fasslagerung entstammt. Das finde ich zumindest in Ansätzen ehrenwert.

Posted at LATAM Vip Lounge 4 months ago by losgon from Argentina with 4 ratings

es un buen ron , complejo no muy alcoholico , lo refiero con un hielo, los sabores muy balanceados , se nota la vainilla, color acaramelado justo, lo volvere a comprar

Posted 4 months ago by randycous (PREMIUM) from United States with 14 ratings

The only way i find I like this rum, is with coke. Has a very good vanilla taste. Doesn’t mix well with fruit juice.

Posted 4 months ago by nofa93 from Canada with 7 ratings

Intense to the nose and pleasant but seems artificial and sugary. +1 for disclosing ingredients.

Posted 5 months ago by SaltySailor69 from United States with 18 ratings

Notes of leather, Tobacco, Vanilla, and citrus in the Nose and taste. I like this Rum even with the Bite. It mixes well with a Coke, but I’ve found the cheaper sodas actually work better as a mixer. Try Faygo Cola, it less sweet than Coke and Pepsi and let’s more of the Run flavors come through without burying them. While it’s not quite a sipping Rum, it would do if that’s your budget as it’s above it’s price point in flavor. Ok, I’m going to give another evaluation here. It’s been about 6 months since I first tried this, sipping some as I write and will change that it is indeed a sipping Rum. It still had a little bite compared to other Rums, but sometimes I like my Rum or Whiskey to have that bite and burn. The burn is very mild and it’s still as sweet as my first try. Get a bottle today as it’s less than $25.00 almost everywhere and worth more in my opinion.

Posted 5 months ago by Adrian Adame (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 224 ratings

Velké překvapení, vůně sladší, tropické ovoce a koření, chuť jemná, sladká, koření, med a pomeranč, konec ostřejší, velmi chutný

Posted 5 months ago by TheRumRunner from United States with 5 ratings

Honestly, this rum achieves what it was intended to do-- be a better version of regular Captain Morgan, while still being accessible to the Captain audience.

It's a solid enough rum to drink by itself, if that's your style. The spices make it pretty easy to stomach, though they don't give it the more mature flavors of an aged rum. Over ice, there's certainly nothing wrong with the rum.

Likewise, it's not a rum that's so special that you'll consider it to be unmixable. Rather, this rum is a great choice for mixed drinks. I preferred it in coke over a dark and stormy, but it was quite good in both, and I certainly didn't feel guilty about enjoying it in any other way than it's purest form.

For the price point, you can do better, and you can definitely do worse. As long as you don't go into this rum expecting something that it's not, you won't be disappointed.

Posted 5 months ago by Klyons87 from United States with 1 rating

My favorite rum to mix with coke. Very smooth and easy to drink.