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Medium bacardi superior rum

Bacardi Superior Rum is the original Bacardi rum, dating back to 1862 when Don Facundo Bacardi Massó purchased his first rum distillery in Cuba. 150 years later, Bacardi Superior is now manufactured in Puerto Rico, but the recipe remains largely the same.

A unique strain of yeast discovered in the Cuban sugarcane fields is used to produce Bacardi Superior rum. The rum is filtered through charcoal, a process pioneered by Bacardi, before and after it is aged in oak barrels for at least one year.

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I really don't get all the hate. Simple enough, this is a rum to put in daiquiris or cocktails (rum & coke, hurricanes, etc.) It works fine. It's rum for mixing and it mixes well. Doesn't add any flavors but I don't like anything smoky or caramel-y contrasting my strawberry or melon daiquiri anyway. You want alcohol in your sweet beverage? Grab some Bacardi. No regrets. Rated it a 6 because the description for 5, "easily consumable in a bind" doesn't give it enough credit. It's not like this stuff tastes bad in a drink. I don't "put up with" Bacardi. I use it when it's called for. Solid 6 and should really always be in your cabinet.

Bacardi is by far the bottom of the barrel when looking for rum. Lacks any quality flavour and is far from smooth. For a white rum there are many other better options out there. Never on my bar.

Represents everything that can be wrong with rum.

Quite possibly the worst rum in the market. Cheaper rums are available that match or exceed Bacardi Superior quality.

There are enough bad reviews about this rum already, but I'd like to point out that one person rated this stuff a TEN!!!

Humans are doomed.

The most famous rum in the world probably; it's used for a lot of differents cocktails all over the globe (caipirinha, daiquiri, mojito etc) but it's certainly not the best rum in the world. Unfortunately...

This is lower than the bottom of the barrel, its as if you lifted up the barrel to see what was underneath

This is the first rum I ever bought. My thinking was that if it's so common, it must be representative of what a rum should taste like. Oh boy, how wrong was I. This Bacardi singlehandedly made me lose out on the wonderful world of sipping rums for a very long time (yes, I know it's not primarily intended for sipping). Luckily a friend had a bottle of Zaya rum, and that made me realize that rums can taste completely different and be worthwhile spirits, so much that I now mainly drink rums (bumped down whiskeys and cognac as my previous go to spirits).

I don't even know where to begin to describe this rum. It just doesn't taste like rum or anything else anyone should drink. Chemical like. Why would anyone continue to buy this? It's even terrible when mixed with Coke. Stay far far away.

This is probably the most pervasive rum in the world. It's used in bars everywhere. It's probably also the rum with the highest production levels too. That's what it tastes like. A mass produced commercial drink. While I know it touches a wooden barrel, I wonder how big that barrel is, 30,000L vat perhaps? Sometimes when you're drinking a daiquiri or mojito something feels a little bit off, maybe too strong, not quite the perfect blend. In many cases this is the culprit. The best way to sum this up is, always look for Havana Club instead.

The nose reminds me a bit of slightly sweetend hand disinfection products:-) the palate is alcoholic and somewhat bland. Not to be served neat, but fine as a mixer. Dont feel the need to own this product, as id rather make a drink with the outstanding el dorado 5 for just a few extra dollars

Bacardi gets blasted as a "rum for the masses" -and it is that. Funny thing is, it gets voted higher in blind taste tests than many "top end" rums. To me, it's a nice standby for fruit juices, Coke, etc.

So Bacardi is the most common rum that you can find second to Captain Morgan (probably even more common than the Captain). Almost every bar has a bottle of this stuff because of how cheap it is (a bottle runs about 15 bucks at Walmart) and it's mostly used as a mixer. I've never seen this on the rocks or straight up, only as a mixer for things like grog, siren tears (rum lemonade), and with cola. This in my opinion is the WORST rum I have ever had and I mean that. To me this tastes like as if someone filled a bottle with rubbing alcohol and threw a small dram of real rum in there just so they could legally call it "rum". I view this as a rum that college frat boys buy to get wasted because it's cheap. In all honesty if this is the only rum at the bar then I just switch to whiskey because I cannot stand the way this stuff tastes.
I rated this stuff a 2 because this stuff truly is gasoline like in fact it even smells a little like gasoline. When our local Pirate Fest comes to town they carry this stuff for their drinks and I always have a friend bring a bottle of Kraken or even Captain Morgan so I don't have to drink Bacardi. Seriously there are so many beautiful rum options available and if money is an issue Captain Morgan or Kraken (my favorite of the cheaper rums) are fantastic options. I won't rate this a 1 because that's far to harsh but this rum isn't suitable for anybody other than college frat guys wanting to get wasted.

It's a mixing rum, one step up from the fuel grade rum you'd see in a bartender's well.

i wouldn't rate it high but the rate system has one called "gasoline like". which i would have to agree strongly.

why buy this personally when the cheap bars make your rum base cocktail out of this for you already.

you know you are not going to get any quality when the brand offers dozens of products and this sits on the bottom rung within it's own brand food chain.

no expectations and i can't believe it has not proved me wrong.... time and time again, this should be just used at your local bakery for making tasty pastries.

Artificial alcohol taste. I guess 90% of the budget with bacardi is spend on marketing. Definitely not on the quality lf their low end products.

Is because all they've ever had is Bacardi. You can make do with it on a plane when you don't have other options but for the money get something better. Too harsh and no flavor.

Now i don`t know why they have changed this rum? i have tasted the pre-Castro one and it was a totally different rum, flavorful!.This one is like rum being made to vodka...and to me it has a chemical aftertaste that is very unpleasant. I cannot for my life recommend it, there are other real good and flavorful and not over-filtered white rums out there.

And she has no taste!
choose something that tastes good - not just to get drunk on.
If you want to get drunk cheaply - drink sherry - as an student will tell you, most alcohol per pence

I was told this is the best selling rum shot in the town I live in. I feel sorry for my town.

If you get past the weak flavour, the hangover hits while you're having your second drink. No other booze makes me feel as bad...

Not the worst in a pinch, not the best either.

Barely even a suitable mixer rum.

Branding and marketing to the max, quality is however very poor. Mainly harsh spirit which smells and tastes like cough syrup. Has little sweetness and a short bitter aftertaste. In my book this isn't even suitable for mixing, it's just truly disappointing.

Thus gas to be what 85/15 gasoline tastes like. Don't buy it to drink it.

This is the rum that made Bacardi famous - and it's distilled just a few miles from my home in Puerto Rico! A good, all-purpose rum for drinking straight up or, as I prefer, mixed with fruit juice, like my favorite Passion Fruit!