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Bacardi Superior rum

Bacardi Superior Rum is the original Bacardi rum, dating back to 1862 when Don Facundo Bacardi Massó purchased his first rum distillery in Cuba. 150 years later, Bacardi Superior is now manufactured in Puerto Rico, but the recipe remains largely the same.

A unique strain of yeast discovered in the Cuban sugarcane fields is used to produce Bacardi Superior rum. The rum is filtered through charcoal, a process pioneered by Bacardi, before and after it is aged in oak barrels for at least one year.

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538 Bacardi Superior ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Raphael from Portugal with 7 ratings

Didn´t like it! Maybe you can mix it with coke. Too harsh!

Posted over 5 years ago by TwanB from Netherlands with 16 ratings

The standard rum-and-coke you get in clubs and venues. But it's just not a great taste.

Posted over 5 years ago by BostonFisher from United States with 12 ratings

Is because all they've ever had is Bacardi. You can make do with it on a plane when you don't have other options but for the money get something better. Too harsh and no flavor.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Chip from United States with 6 ratings

Obviously not meant to consumed neat or on the rocks. But if you're looking to make a Rum & Coke why not. Available everywhere.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Brendan S from Canada with 55 ratings

There are almost no redeeming features of this rum. It has a chemical taste that barely make you think of rum.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Jens Thomsen from Denmark with 97 ratings

Bacardi Superior Rum det er en gammel flaske jeg har stående, kun når gæster ønsker en rom & cola, og jeg fornemmer man ikke ønsker rom smagen, bliver denne rom serveret.

Posted almost 6 years ago by lmolinajr from United States with 17 ratings

This is a must have in your collection for making the classic mojito.period!

Posted almost 6 years ago by KJ from United States with 24 ratings

I'll be honest with you. Bacardi Superior is the standard (basic, bottom shelf) in white rum period. Also, it's the first rum most people have every had the pleasure of drinking. It's not tasty, that's why it gets a score of a 6. It's bland, simple, but you know what, some people like that and Superior fills that void.

I would definitely recommend this to that friend you have that says, "I don't like rum, I like vodka" or "I just want to get sloshed". There are very few other white rums that have these tasting notes (don't laugh) and can be mixed with anything, like a vodka can. Superior is perfect in a mojito or cuba libre.

If you're looking for something similar, but "different" (you know, something that does the same thing) you should try Brugal Especial Extra Dry white rum. I'd give that the same score, but it's good to have options.

Posted almost 6 years ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 229 ratings

The nose reminds me a bit of slightly sweetend hand disinfection products:-) the palate is alcoholic and somewhat bland. Not to be served neat, but fine as a mixer. Dont feel the need to own this product, as id rather make a drink with the outstanding el dorado 5 for just a few extra dollars

Posted almost 6 years ago by Don Hanini from Norway with 13 ratings

Kjøpt på Flesland

Posted almost 6 years ago by Chris from United States with 21 ratings

Very smooth rum

Posted almost 6 years ago by Felipe P from United States with 70 ratings

Quite possibly the worst rum in the market. Cheaper rums are available that match or exceed Bacardi Superior quality.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Margus Mägi from Estonia with 71 ratings

Classic, but poor. It has its specific mold taste to it.

Posted almost 6 years ago by Leon from Germany with 34 ratings

There are so many better alternatives, that I can't find any reason to buy this. At least it is a straight, unaltered product. Then again so is Flor de Cana 4 Anos. Price difference is minimal. Hence Bacardi Superior could be used for larger parties but cheaper rum by other distillers will do as well.

Posted about 6 years ago by Natalio from Argentina with 68 ratings

Indispensable en la barra

Posted about 6 years ago by Michael Evans from United Kingdom with 81 ratings

The most widespread white rum that is completely unspectacular. Drinkable with a high ratio of cola but thats just because there's so little flavour that you can't taste it.

Posted about 6 years ago by Onex from Russian Federation with 8 ratings

Not a rum absolutely.

Posted about 6 years ago by thefatrumpirate from United Kingdom with 122 ratings

Bacardi can do decent rum but this is for uneneducated masses.

Posted about 6 years ago by Helena Tiare from Sweden with 110 ratings

Now i don`t know why they have changed this rum? i have tasted the pre-Castro one and it was a totally different rum, flavorful!.This one is like rum being made to vodka...and to me it has a chemical aftertaste that is very unpleasant. I cannot for my life recommend it, there are other real good and flavorful and not over-filtered white rums out there.

Posted about 6 years ago by Banana from Italy with 10 ratings

Surely it is not a beverage to drink in straight mode, but sinceraly used for coktails it is not much better.

Posted about 6 years ago by Ben Mitchell from Australia with 18 ratings

For cocktails you can't go wrong.

Posted about 6 years ago by Pronk from Denmark with 15 ratings

Mixer rom

Posted about 6 years ago by Allan Bjerreskov from Denmark with 116 ratings

You might wanna use it for Mojitos. But don't, there are several better alternatives.

Posted about 6 years ago by jørgen from Denmark with 26 ratings

Fra den tid hvor man ikke vidste bedre