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Wood's 100 Old Navy rum

Wood's 100 Old Navy

Guyana | Dark

7.2/10(71 ratings)
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71 Wood's 100 Old Navy ratings

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Posted 7 years ago by Jan-Helge Bergesen from Norway with 10 ratings

I swear -- that's the aftertaste of this one!

Unfortunately it comes with quite a punch, being 59 % VOL (used to be 60%).
I use to let it air a bit to get rid of most of the fumes before enjoying it. If not, the alcohol vapor tends to be too strong.

But the rum raisin taste.. man!


Posted over 3 years ago by Regan from Canada with 75 ratings

Ok Wood's is not your average run of the mill rum this is a kick you in the teeth slap in the face navy rum 57% , wow!
If you get a chance to try it
, do so . I'm not much of a dark rum drinker but she goes down smooth with a warning ! Lol
I can't put my finger on the aroma but it's something familiar.
Woods is not spiced but I refer to it as Kraken on steroids .
Pick a bottle up , I think it's a rum and well worth the experience 👍👍


Posted 4 years ago by Kieran from United Kingdom with 7 ratings

Drank on the rocks.

Not a bad tasting rum, however I may be inclined too only have one or two of these before moving onto another...


Posted over 4 years ago by sh4de from Czech Republic with 34 ratings

Má snad 60 %. Pořádně ostrá záležitost. Cukrová třtina je z povodí řeky Demerara a je to poznat na kvalitě. Když skleničku necháte prázdnou, tak ještě mnoho hodin krásně voní!


Posted over 4 years ago by Johannes from Germany with 62 ratings

You definitely should try this one, if you like navy style rums


Posted over 4 years ago by Rob from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

Good stuff. Strong taste too strong to mix with coke, too strange to drink pure.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Dino from Germany with 43 ratings

Typical Demerara taste, smoky sweet woody notes with baked apple and spices . Perfect for mixing a Mai Tai or a Dark 'n Stormy. You can also sip it straight but is not for the palate of the rookie. Overall a good rum that I would not like to miss in my bar.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Dickie-Davis from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

Nice kick in the throat. Usually drunk at private splice mainbrace among friends, not one to be wasted.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Kie humphreys from United Kingdom with 24 ratings

I didn't find this rum anything special. Not too sweet a dark rum with string Alcoholic flavour.

Small 26820

Posted 5 years ago by I3R0K3N7FEET from United Kingdom with 70 ratings

When it comes to dark rums full of treacle, toffee, fudge flavours. It tastes great straight, with notes of oak amongst the rich, thick flavours. Mixes well with cola, lemonade, or in a grog. This kinda rum is fantastic to cook with too, whether its for ice cream, cakes, butter cream etc. Just remember that this is at full navy strength which is 56%, underestimate that and you will be flat on your ass.

After having a bottle (new bottle) I am sure the recipe is still the same, but I was able to get a side by side comparison with Skipper, OVD, and Goslings and I would now rate these rums ins this order (Skipper, Goslings BS, OVD, Woods, Lambs, in that order


Posted 5 years ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 470 ratings

It's a smoother rum than lambs but it must be left to rest in coke as the flavour goes really smooth like velvet... Lovely rum with coke never going be a rum for the rocks or straight up