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Wood's 100 Old Navy rum

Wood's 100 Old Navy

Guyana | Dark

7.2/10 (71 ratings)
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71 Wood's 100 Old Navy ratings

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Posted 1 year ago by Tomo1962 from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Not only does it share my own surname but without doubt real navy rum real strength with Real taste first tasted 30 plus yrs ago still best Demerara and best price 👍


Posted almost 2 years ago by Mark from United Kingdom with 8 ratings

A staple diet for every British sailor was pussers and woods.
It's like mothers milk to us old uns

The perfect Rum for toasts


Posted over 1 year ago by Wee Eak from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

Been on the sea in the sea and under the sea most of my life and I have never found a Rum to equal this Rum. Drink it neat but carefully is the only way but let it linger on the tongue to get the full flavour.
I don't have a drinks cabinet but I always have a bottle of Woods by the side of my chair. Buy it at the local supermarket but uneasy about the price as it keeps going up wish my pension went up at the same rate.


Posted 2 years ago by knocker from United Kingdom with 1 rating

This is a first class rum in my opinion with so much flavour


Posted 2 years ago by Ted from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

This has all the connections and nostalgia that rum should have. When you drink this you could imagine you are out at see, or half way around the world.

You could imaging drinking it in a warm home with friends or when it’s freezing on a rooftop bar in a European city.

It’s dark, but not overly sweet, it packs a real punch but does not destroy your taste buds.

For me this is the definition of rum.

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Posted 7 months ago by Fozzie500 from United Kingdom with 22 ratings

My dad has banged on about this rum for years, he was in the Royal Navy from the age of 15 until he was 23 and he always said it was the best rum he has tasted...... so i thought i better try a bottle.
Very dark coloured Rum looks like a proper traditional navy rum,it has a nice aroma when the stopper is pulled smells chocolaty and a sort of cinder toffee smell.
I tried it with coke first, and i have got to say its one of the best Rum and coke's I've ever had, how Lambs outsells this stuff i'll never know, a sweet toffee taste,a taste of raisins or sultana's.
Considering the strength it is very smooth,with a slight burnt after taste. overall very tasty rum.


Posted 3 years ago by William Ferguson from United Kingdom with 15 ratings

First to hit you is the strength at 57% this is serious rum. After the initial strength, you get wood and earthy flavour with demerara sugar, banana, toffee, dark chocolate coming through. Complex flavours and you can drink this as a sipping drink, however I tend to favour the Cuba Libre with Pepsi Max blends into an amazing strong sipping long drink.
Not too sweet and not spiced although hints of spices are to be found.
My mixing and everyday Rum of choice, partly down to the flavour and the affordable price range.


Posted over 3 years ago by Ben from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Picked up on offer in the UK.

Off the bat there are deep toffee and caramel scents and upon further tasting the woody, smokey flavour develops. Ends with a quite surprising Christmas pudding flavour which is absolutely delightful. Very enjoyable, and made me smile a great deal.

A great choice and was impressed by the presentation and complex flavour.

Read a little about part of the rum being stilled in a 250 year old still, interesting.

Would absolutely recommend.


Posted 2 years ago by Deezl from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

Wood's is a true classic and it's easy to see why sailors were upset when the tot was stopped if this was what they were drinking. This rum is exceptional value for money and a classic, using a recipe from 1887 and distilled in the world's oldest and only wooden still. I always have a bottle of this on the shelf and it's always gone far too quickly, this is easily my favourite rum in terms of cost effectiveness.

Nose and taste are predominantly toffee, caramel, Christmas pudding and similar flavours - all very pungent and long lasting due to the higher ABV of 57% (which is always great with rum).

If you haven't tried this yet you should seek it out immediately - a fine example of navy rum and Guyanese rum, using Demerara.


Posted 6 days ago by igotek from Ukraine with 13 ratings

Old bottle from the 1970s:
Aroma - sweet mint herbal mix with some wood dryness,
Taste - first sweet chocolate syrup, second dry and woody molasses,
Finish - very long, wild bitter herbal mix, almost Jegermester like