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Vizcaya VXOP 21 rum

Vizcaya VXOP rum is produced from sugar cane that is distilled in small batches then aged for between 18 and 21 years in bourbon casks.

The Oliver & Oliver distillery that produces Vizcaya VXOP rum was founded by Oliver Juanillo in the 1800s. It originally operated in Cuba, but in the 1959 revolution moved to the current Dominican Republic location.

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138 Vizcaya VXOP 21 ratings

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Posted about 2 years ago by Glen from United States with 50 ratings

Plenty of vanilla. Smells sweeter than it tastes. I like

Posted about 5 years ago by PhilipR from United States with 8 ratings

Smooth with great aftertaste. Definitely one of favorites.

Posted about 5 years ago by Stephan from Canada with 14 ratings

Great rum. The taste has some notes of honey and caramel. I thought the sweet taste was subtle (which I really like). It is well balanced and very very smooth. Nice bottle. This is a great rum for me. A solid 8/10.

Posted about 5 years ago by Surfyguitar from United States with 56 ratings

Well balanced aged offering from DR. Price point where it should be but there are better values out there.

Posted about 5 years ago by Martin from Denmark with 12 ratings

Endnu et pletskud fra Oliver & Oliver. Dejlig duft og smag. Lad den stå i 20 min. i glasset og den bliver endnu bedre.

Posted about 5 years ago by Juno from United States with 51 ratings

This is a flavor packed rum with a sweet caramel finish. The rum smells similar to the bourbon casks where it is aged.

Posted over 5 years ago by Carl Saxmark from Sweden with 115 ratings

Nice nose, but a bit to much ethanol for me.
Rich taste but it goes to etanol after a while in the mouth..
But when swallowed.. The finish !!.. When the etanol taste leaves.. Just perfect..

Posted over 5 years ago by Eanousa from United States with 54 ratings

The initial flavors are honey with some light vanilla, but no way as sweet as the Atlantico Private Cask. The taste turns into some subtle spices and finishes very smoothly. I like this one a lot.

Posted over 5 years ago by David from Netherlands with 5 ratings

Vizcaya Rum VXOP wordt gemaakt van vers geperst sap van suikerriet en wordt vervolgens voor meerdere jaren in vaten waarin voorheen bourbon whisky bevatte. Door deze specifieke opslag krijgt de Vizcaya rum VXOP een zeer fruitige en evenwichtige smaak.

Posted over 5 years ago by Rick from United States with 30 ratings

a bit sweeter than I was hoping for. Not bad, just a bit too sweet.

Posted over 5 years ago by Brian Bak from Denmark with 20 ratings

En meget krydret rom med en dominerende "kanel-karakter". Den har en behagelig duft og krydret smag, men den mangler en anelse kompleksitet, og den udvikler sig derfor ikke alverden. 👍

Posted over 5 years ago by Pielor from Canada with 25 ratings

An other excellent Dominican rum, balanced, subtly sweet, beautiful color. Delicate aromas of caramel and vanilla.
I like the nice decanter with heavy thick bottom.

Posted over 5 years ago by Mike from United States with 4 ratings

I like this rum a lot, but it might be a little too good for my amatuer tongue. There are a lot of flavors going on that keep me from enjoying it straight as much as maybe a plainer but still smooth rum. This one also doesnt mix as well as some others, but I dont think thats what its meant for, either. However, I still enjoy it over many other rums. Maybe one day my quality as a rum drinker will raise enough for me to enjoy it more.

Posted over 5 years ago by A.Greenleaf from United States with 51 ratings

This is the rum I hold others to. I love this rum, I drive over an hour and a half to get my bottles. This was my first aged rum and i haven't looked back.

Posted over 5 years ago by JE Tressler from United States with 18 ratings

This delicious rum is great. Aroma, color and taste are all what you would expect in a top shelf sipping rum. I highly recommend adding this rum to your premium collection.

Be cool,

“Mon amie laissez le bon temps rouler!”

Posted almost 6 years ago by Felipe P from United States with 70 ratings

This is what old Cuban rum is. A modern standard for top shelf.

Posted over 7 years ago by Skulman from United States with 117 ratings

Everyone swears by this stuff, but I think its a little bitter to me. Not a bad rum at all, just not something i like.

Posted over 7 years ago by Sly from Canada with 44 ratings

Nice bottle to own and not to expensive

Posted over 7 years ago by Nick from United States with 54 ratings

A very good bottle. Definitely in my top 5 or 6.