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Smuggler's Cove

Ffffff Ffffff have had rum here!


650 Gough St
San Francisco
CA 94102


Tel: +1 415-869-1900
Web: Visit Website

9.0/10 (5 ratings) Truly a fantastic choice


Smuggler's Cove offers a selection of over 200 rums along with a nautical theme and hand-crafted cocktails such as the 4-person Volcano. The bar is owned by Martin Cate, who also tends bar and has judged rum cocktail competitions all over the world.

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5 Smuggler's Cove Smuggler's Cove ratings

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Wouldn’t even know it was there. Great atmosphere and tight seating. I had some rums there I probably will never have again.

I got lucky and bellied up to the bar and ordered a couple rare and fantastic shots from the overwhelmed bartenders, and was served politely and professionally, but they were packed so very little chit chat. I was impressed by the selection and ambiance and so were the scores of people enjoying this rum hang out. The bartender was the hardest working man I’ve seen in a long while. He was a mixing fool! I would run back to this place, I loved it. One thing I learned, good hard to find rum is not cheap in SF, bring your wallet! I’ll be back, and so should you!

The decor is perfect. The music is perfect. The selection of mixed drinks and sippers is off the hook. It's like stepping back in time to 1955, except the mixers are much better.

I'm sorry for the other poster who found the staff to be unfriendly, but do recognize that this is an incredibly popular bar that gets packed quickly. They aren't dismissive of you personally, they are just trying to serve 50 other customers at the same time. Your best bet if possible is to get there right at opening time (5pm if memory serves); that way you can get their full attention before the happy hour crowd comes in. When it's only me and a couple other folks in there, I've found them to be willing to geek out with you endlessly about rums, tiki culture, or whatever. Even Martin Cate himself (owner of Smuggler's Cove and the last known bottle of J. Wray & Nephew 17-year still in existence) is happy to talk to you about anything you'd like.

Good selection of rums, but not a place to test and experience different rum.
Bartenders are too busy to help you explore the world of rum. Every rum I asked for was answered with "That's downstairs". Very unfriendly and unwelcoming. Won't return.

One of the world's meccas of rum, Amazing tiki interior and even better drinks. It's worth going out of your way to spend an evening here. Try 100 rums and get your name on a plaque!