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Mai-Kai Restaurant

Ffffff have had rum here!


3599 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale
FL 33308


Tel: +1 954-563-3272
Web: Visit Website

10.0/10 (2 ratings) Absolute taste perfection


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2 Mai-Kai Restaurant Mai-Kai Restaurant ratings

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Tiki Mecca with Polynesian shows and dinner . Expansive Rum Collection

Those who know, know this is the last remaining vestige of a full out vintage tiki temple experience left in the southeast US. Shit, maybe the world! I am lucky enough to live about 45 minutes away, and have spent much time there. It’s a living descendant of Don the Beachcomber’s legacy in that the drinks were mostly invented and reworked by Mariano Licudine a former Donn Beach bartender. A sprawling edifice of thatch, bamboo, water features, float lamps, tapa cloth and wood carvings, complete with a bar made to resemble the inside of a old time sailing ship inspired by the film, Mutiny on the Bounty. With water pumps that rain upon the ship’s windows and the sound of distant thinder created by an effect connected to the entry driveway wooden bridge slats rumbling as cars cross over it, the Mai Kai’s Molokai bar is a living wonder of the tiki world. All the legends are here. Zombie, Mai Tai, Black Magic, Planters Punch, Jet Pilot, Rum Barrel etc. All authentic mixilogy alchemy of the highest order. They also have an extensive neat rum list of amazing quality-Diplimatico, Pilar, are a few I tried last visit. Hula and fire dancers anyone? Yes they have that too, full on dinner shows several times a night. Outdoor winding tropical gardens with a plethora of tiki’s of all types are steadfastly awaiting your arrival. Huge chinese ovens prepare the best cooked meats and fish this side of Honolulu. The new menu is better than ever and I cannot wait to try more very soon. Super fun surf rock bands such as the Disasternauts, Skinny Jimmy, the Intoxicators and other play often there in the Molokai bar. The Bangkok inspired architecture of the gift shop is also a hidden gem which used to be a dining area, they have art, souvenirs, books, tiki mugs and if course Hawaiian shirts! So what are you waiting for? Grap your favorite loud Hawaiian shirt and head for Polynesian paradise by way of Ft. lauderdale and get a taste of tiki cocktail history!