Ron Botran Marketing Director Alexandra Alfaro (Video)

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Topic: Rones de Guatemala | History, Traditions & Sustainability

Guest: Alexandra Alfaro - Marketing Manager

What You'll Learn: 

Guatemalan lands have characteristics that make them unique, such as vertisol soil, which is only found in 2% of the earth's surface.

The productive area of the Protected Denomination of Origin of Rum of Guatemala is located on the South Coast of Guatemala, in the departments of Retalhuleu and Suchitepéquez, within the heart of the sugarcane-sugar zone.

The Rum of Guatemala is produced only using "virgin sugar cane honey" as raw material. Living up to its name, this syrup-like liquid is delicious, sweet and has a pleasant flavor.

Virgin sugar cane honey is the product of pressing ripe cane. The juice obtained from the milling is heated, clarified and filtered to eliminate the solid cane remains that may have remained in suspension. Finally, the clean juice is subjected to evaporation to remove excess water and center the sugars.

Only 3% of the world's rums are made with pure sugar cane juice.

During the livestream Alexandra teaches us about Rones de Guatemala.