The growing role of women in the guatemalan liquor industry

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In the Guatemalan liquor industry, the role of women has gained increasing relevance. From high-level management positions to specialized roles, women have demonstrated their worth and contribution to the development of renowned brands.

In this interview with Mercedes Sánchez, Manager of Denomination of Origin in Guatemalan Rum, various aspects related to female leadership, representation in different areas, and empowerment within Licores de Guatemala are explored. Through her experience, we can glimpse the positive impact that women have had in this industry.

The Trailblazing Journey and Influence of Women in the Guatemalan Liquor Industry

In the Guatemalan liquor industry, women have left an indelible mark since their earliest ventures. Although specific information about the first woman hired at Licores de Guatemala is not available, the presence of pioneering women who have held relevant positions and exerted a significant influence on the rum industry is recognized. Their participation has been essential in breaking gender barriers and paving the way for future generations of talented women.

Over the years, women with up to 30 years of work experience have been part of Licores de Guatemala, holding diverse and distinguished roles. While the exact start of female participation in the corporation is difficult to trace, the impact they have had on the Guatemalan rum industry is undeniable. These women have occupied key positions in areas such as distillation, finance, marketing, and human resources, demonstrating their leadership and leaving a significant mark in a traditionally male-dominated environment.

While it is not possible to single out a particular woman as the first to join Licores de Guatemala, it is essential to acknowledge the collective contribution of these trailblazing women. Their perseverance and dedication have paved the way for current and future generations of women to find more significant opportunities and break gender stereotypes in the liquor industry. Their influence has been and continues to be fundamental for the growth and evolution of this industry in Guatemala.

Female Participation in the Licores de Guatemala Workforce: Revealing Statistics

In Licores de Guatemala, the active participation of women in different areas of the corporation is a remarkable reality. Through revealing statistics, we can appreciate the percentage of women holding direct and indirect positions, both at the national and international levels, demonstrating their presence and value in various fields.

When examining the statistics of different areas in Licores de Guatemala, we can observe variability in the percentage of women in each department. For example, in the Añejamiento (Aging) area, we find 15% women, while in areas such as Auditing and Supply Chain, the percentage is 23% and 11%, respectively. These data show the active presence of women in technical and strategic roles within the corporation.

Furthermore, it is essential to highlight female participation in high-level management positions. With four women occupying director positions, there is a 24% representation in this hierarchical level. This figure reflects a positive progression towards greater gender equity in leadership roles within Licores de Guatemala.

Not only at an internal level but also in the Ingenio Tululá, related to rum production, female presence is noteworthy. With 9% and 4% of women in the fixed and temporary employment categories, respectively, their contribution is highlighted in all stages of the rum production process.

These statistics demonstrate that Licores de Guatemala is actively committed to promoting gender diversity in its workforce, recognizing the talent and skills that women bring to the liquor industry. It is an indication that inclusive spaces and opportunities are being created for women to develop and advance in their professional careers in this industry.

The Diverse and Valuable Role of Women in Licores de Guatemala and Their Influence in the Industry

The role played by women in Licores de Guatemala is diverse and of great importance, encompassing various areas of the rum industry. From rum master distillers to responsible positions in bottling plants, as well as global marketing roles, women have shown leadership and left a significant footprint in the Guatemalan liquor industry.

Firstly, the presence of women as rum master distillers in Casa Botran, one of Licores de Guatemala’s flagship brands, is emphasized. These experts have the responsibility to ensure the quality and production process of rum, passing on their knowledge and experience to future generations. Their mastery of distillation and aging techniques has been crucial in maintaining the reputation and excellence of the brand’s products.

Additionally, women occupy key roles in managing and developing brands through global marketing. Their strategic and creative vision has allowed the implementation of effective promotional strategies and the connection with consumers through sensory experiences and innovative branding campaigns. Their contribution has contributed to the growth and recognition of Licores de Guatemala’s brands on a national and international scale.

It is important to highlight that women also hold leadership roles in managing bottling plants. These responsibilities involve coordinating and supervising a large number of operators and employees, ensuring efficiency and quality in production. Their ability to lead teams and ensure operational excellence has been fundamental to the success of Licores de Guatemala’s operations.

Training and Leadership Programs for Women: Driving Professional Growth

Licores de Guatemala recognizes the importance of promoting the professional growth of women within the liquor industry. With this goal in mind, the corporation has implemented training and leadership programs specifically designed for them. These initiatives seek to strengthen managerial skills, management systems, and leadership in women, providing them with the necessary tools to achieve success in their careers.

These training and leadership programs are aimed at women holding both managerial and executive positions. Through participation in courses, workshops, and forums, women gain updated knowledge in topics relevant to their professional development. These activities cover areas such as leadership, talent management, communication skills, strategic decision-making, and personal development.

One of the notable aspects of these programs is their focus on fostering a culture of equal opportunities and gender diversity. The goal is to break down barriers and stereotypes, creating inclusive spaces where women can express their potential and develop their talent fully. Additionally, the creation of support networks and mentoring opportunities is promoted, enabling participants to exchange experiences and receive guidance from female leaders in the industry.

The Distinctive Profile of a Licores de Guatemala Brand Ambassador

The distinctive profile of a Licores de Guatemala brand ambassador requires a combination of academic qualifications, work experience, and specific skills. To occupy this role, having an academic level that supports the necessary technical knowledge, such as a degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, or Pharmacy, will be valued. This academic foundation will provide the required understanding of beverage production processes, ensuring a solid focus on the quality and characteristics of liquors.

Moreover, a minimum of 3 years of work experience in beverage production processes is required. This previous experience will allow the ambassador to have a deep knowledge of rum production and aging processes in Guatemala. Additionally, it will provide a practical understanding of the specific needs and challenges of the liquor industry.

Regarding the skills required to be a Licores de Guatemala brand ambassador, organoleptic skills stand out. These skills refer to the ability to perceive and describe flavors, aromas, and textures of liquors. This allows the ambassador to accurately convey the unique characteristics of products to consumers and establish a sensory connection with them.

Furthermore, excellent communication and public presentation skills are essential. The ambassador must be capable of communicating clearly, persuasively, and engagingly in formal presentations and informal encounters with distributors and consumers. Personal etiquette and image should be aligned with the represented brands, conveying professionalism and consistency.

Additionally, fluency in languages such as English, French, and Italian will

 be valued. These languages enable effective communication with international clients and open opportunities to represent Licores de Guatemala brands at international events and fairs.

Empowering Licores de Guatemala’s Workforce

Licores de Guatemala stands out for its focus on empowering its workforce, recognizing that the company’s success depends on the commitment and development of its employees. The corporation not only provides tools and training but also seeks to foster an environment that promotes autonomy, continuous improvement, and open and objective communication.

To empower their workforce, Licores de Guatemala focuses on providing the necessary tools for each employee to perform their responsibilities efficiently. This involves providing technical, technological, and training resources that enable them to carry out their work effectively. Additionally, the acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge for professional development is encouraged through internal and external training programs.

Furthermore, a culture of continuous improvement is encouraged at all levels of the organization. Licores de Guatemala promotes a culture of learning and personal development, encouraging its employees to seek growth opportunities and self-improvement. They are encouraged to share innovative ideas and constantly seek ways to optimize existing processes and practices. The aim is to create an environment that values creativity, initiative, and entrepreneurial spirit.

There is no Age for Retiring from the Rum Industry: Valuing Knowledge and Experience

In Licores de Guatemala, the knowledge and experience of its employees are valued, regardless of their age. There is no specific age for retiring from the rum industry since it is recognized that a person’s value is not determined by their age but by their dedication, passion, and contribution throughout their career.

The most experienced employees at Licores de Guatemala have shown a love and passion for what they do that only strengthens over time. As the years go by, their experience and knowledge become more solid and enriched, becoming invaluable assets for the company. Their commitment and willingness to help others and share their experience become fundamental pillars for the organization’s growth and development.

In Licores de Guatemala, a positive attitude and a willingness to continue learning and growing, regardless of the stage of life they are in, are appreciated. The most experienced employees provide a unique perspective and an approach based on accumulated experience. Their wisdom and knowledge serve as guides for younger generations, providing mentoring and guidance for the development of their careers.

While each person has their own plans and goals for the future, in Licores de Guatemala, the continuous contribution of its employees is recognized and valued, regardless of their age. Retirement is a personal decision, and as long as they continue to add value and enjoy what they do, they are provided with the necessary support to continue working in the rum industry.

Inspiring Future Female Leaders in the Rum Industry: Tips for Women Who Want to Follow in Your Footsteps

TheRumLab: “Imagine yourself in an amphitheater surrounded by women who consider you an expert in the rum industry and wish to have the opportunity to hold your position or a similar one within a brand. As a female leader in Licores de Guatemala, you have the opportunity to share valuable advice and guide these women who wish to venture into the rum industry.”

Mercedes Sánchez: “First and foremost, I would tell them that there are no limits to what they can achieve. Gender barriers and stereotypes may exist, but it is essential to stay focused on their goals and not let anything hold them back. With determination, passion, and dedication, they can pave their way in the rum industry and reach leadership positions.”

“I would remind them that each of the roles they play, whether as mothers, wives, daughters, or professionals, can be an asset to their career. They should leverage the diversity of their experiences and skills to build a unique and authentic approach to their work. They should not be afraid to show their true personality and leave their distinctive mark on everything they do.”

“I encourage them to seek opportunities for constant learning and growth. The rum industry is constantly evolving, so it is crucial to stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and practices. They should participate in courses, workshops, and conferences and seek mentors and inspirational figures who can guide them in their professional development.”

“Furthermore, I remind them that teamwork is essential. They should collaborate and establish support networks both within and outside the company. The connections and alliances they build throughout their careers will be invaluable. They should not hesitate to seek help when needed and be willing to support other women who are also building their paths in the industry.”

“Finally, I convey the importance of maintaining a balance between their personal and professional lives. While work can be exciting, it is also essential to take care of themselves and their close relationships. They should find time for self-care, family, and activities that bring them joy and well-being.”


The presence and role of women in the Guatemalan rum industry, represented by Licores de Guatemala, are remarkable and significant. Through their participation in key areas such as distillation, aging, marketing, and management, women have demonstrated their leadership, technical skills, and ability to drive growth and innovation in the industry. Licores de Guatemala has created an inclusive environment of opportunities, empowering women through training and leadership programs, valuing their knowledge and experience regardless of their age, and providing them with the necessary tools for their professional development.

It is evident that the contribution of women at Licores de Guatemala has been fundamental in establishing connections with consumers, promoting quality and excellence in products, and strengthening the reputation of Guatemalan brands nationally and internationally. Their presence and leadership continue to inspire future generations of women looking to venture into the rum industry, encouraging them to pursue their dreams, overcome barriers, and leave their distinctive mark in this exciting sector. Through its focus on diversity and female empowerment, Licores de Guatemala positions itself as a benchmark in the Guatemalan liquor industry, demonstrating the value and importance of women in the relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of rum.