YulRumFest Founder & President Beverley Jacques

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TRL: Who is Beverley Jacques?

My name is Beverley Jacques. I organize the rum festival in Montreal called the Yulrumfest. The whole idea was seeded in 2015 at a friend’s house, which made me taste Damoiseau rhum. And I was like, why don’t we have that here in our local stores? In 2016, I went to Martinique and discovered more rums. I also met romhatten.dk., who told me he had a book and does his own Festival. And that made me wonder if Danmark is interested in rum, then what are we doing in Canada? So in 2017, we registered the organization and in 2018 we launched our 1st festival and it was a flop (lol). The second year got more traction in 2019 and we made enthusiasts discover new products. Then the pandemic hit and we were MIA for 2 years. In the meantime, we had time to build it and strategize. So in 2022, we had the biggest of them all and now we are doing one in February called the #Madigras edition.

TRL:  What does the rum mean to you? What made you fall in love with rum and when did it happen?

Rum means fun, rum means a heritage from my grandfather and it is a way to generate funds for countries that have difficulties exporting products to big consuming markets

TRL:  Three essential characteristics that define the rum according to your perspective.

1.      The taste

2.      The branding and special touch (marketing)

3.      The scarcity of it

TRL:  What is the most important contribution you have made in the rum industry?

Bringing our version of a rum festival to Canada and to the City of Montreal

TRL:  Benefits that the rum industry has given you.

1.      Access to brands

2.      Business opportunities for products

3.      Travelling

4.      Discovering what is missing

5.      Knowledge on trades and scoops

6.      Understanding the working conditions of the people at the bottom of the chain

TRL:  What’s another thing you are passionate about, besides rum? Why?

Well, I have been the founder of 2 sports organizations and a marketing agency since 2003. I am very well-known for basketball in Montreal because our organization has been involved in the business for 20 years now. We contribute to the well-being of the community and to our athletes. One person even considers me an Activist-Entrepreneur because I help others, create opportunities for them and share my knowledge so they can grow. They say I inspire people; I am considered a #Changemaker by CBC broadcasting media in Canada and I was selected amongst 31 people for February 2023.

TRL:  What is your favorite place for drinking rum?

On a trip or on the beach

TRL:  Favorite drink + Recipe

Old Cuban with Moet Ti-Punch Caipirinha

TRL:  Why is it important to educate the rum consumer?

In Canada, most of the stores are government-owned, so the offer is limited. If you consider that, what they present to you will be the benchmark. So you get a lot of commercial rum…

TRL:  Any tips to train the palate and taste a good premium rum?

When sipping, inhale while you pour the liquor down your throat. No need to swallow at the first sip, let it surf in the mouth

TRL:  How can rum contribute to improving the crisis in some countries?

By investing in or giving investing opportunities, just like the stock market. Selling shares of the companies

TRL:  Is the commitment to sustainable development the key to success for the permanence of the rum industry in the world? Why?

The rum industry needs lobbying if it wants to thrive It needs to adapt to technologies It needs to be ahead of the pack, not behind commercially

TRL:  Who would like to meet in the rum industry? What would you say to him/her?

A master blender /chemist that will create my brand of rum

TRL:  What are your next goals in the rum industry?

Create my rum that will be for the people and by the people Get all the marketing budgets to advertise for different rum companies. I have fun ideas if they would love to take the risk Become the go-to person for specialized rum in Canada as a market broker

TRL:  Plans you have when you leave the rum industry.

Leave my footprint in the industry worldwide Sell my brand Retire on an island Sell my collection through an auction

TRL:  Why is the role of the bartender important in the rum industry?

They are close to the people, they are the liquor therapist, they can make you discover a drink or a brand… that’s what happens to me. They also can explain the product and the notes They are the chefs and they bring our taste buds

TRL:  What is your advice for new generations in the rum industry?

Bridge the gap with AI, VR, and tech between the generations, and let’s use that to make a profit.

TRL:  How can people learn more about you? Website? Social media page?

●     Festival : yulrumfest.com

●     https://linktr.ee/yulrumfest

●     Podcast coming soon: rhumaficionados.com ●     IG: @rhum.aficionados ( podcast )