4 Rum-Bars you should know in London

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In recent years, rum has been increasingly successful, in fact, this drink is used in many cocktails around the world and more and more people are consuming and enjoying it.

When choosing the ideal rum, the flavor is an aspect that must be taken into account, since balanced flavors indicate quality. By having a well-balanced sweet, bitter, salty and acid flavor, we can realize that it is a good rum, since none of these flavors predominates over the other.

To taste a good rum, we can visit big cities. The most famous rum bars in the world are located in London, Havana and Milan.

 Dan Buckland, who is the co-founder of Drum & Black Rum Co. says that consumers are becoming more adventurous with their beverage choices, and the more they explore, the more informed they become. They are looking for brands that define them as individuals, and the UK craft rum movement is showing more people that rum has the potential as the drink of choice. “Until now, spiced rums have been associated with lesser quality mixers. However, if crafted as a premium rum with an innovative flavor profile, spiced rum can become an affordable alternative for consumers with discerning tastes.” refined, as well as a new, exciting and luxurious drink for those exploring the world of rum.

Sales of golden and dark rum in pubs, bars and restaurants also increased, with golden rum being the most popular choice.

That is why on this occasion from The Rum Lab we want you to travel with us to discover the best Rum Bars in the wonderful city of London.

Trailer Happiness: This is a very intimate bar located right in West London where the truly eccentric decoration manages to highlight the entire structure and differentiate it from the rest of the premises. Is an award-winning cocktail bar on Portobello Road serving the finest classic and original cocktails with a Tiki twist since 2003. Trailer Happiness (@trailerh) • Fotos y videos de InstagramTrailer Happiness | The UK’s Favourite Rum Lounge, Music, Food and Good Times! Spiced Dry Rum Club: Offers a truly unique series of rum making experiences in the heart of Islington, London. Using techniques not previously made available to the public, 20 copper pot stills allow you to design and make your own rum masterpiece. Led by a rotating team of London’s leading rum experts, you’ll embark on a rum tasting discovery, experimenting with flavors and making your own rum to take home, completely to your liking. Spiced Dry Rum Club (@Spiceddryrumcl) / Twitter Burlock Rum Room: This hidden basement bar off Oxford Street is a rum enthusiast’s paradise. As the gospel of rum continues to spread worldwide, our rum list includes not only the best of the Caribbean but also the wider world of rum. Inspired by Cuba’s rich rum history, Burlock’s 1930s Havana-style walls feature vintage prints, a drinking lounge corner with authentic retro hair dryers, and also a large terrace that makes it the best rum lounge in London Burlock Rum Bar Central London (burlocklondon.co.uk)Burlock Rum Room (@burlocklondon) • Fotos y videos de Instagr Soho Bar: Modern nightlife and cocktail bar specializing in Rum, in the heart of London. With bathrooms instead of seats, mirrored walls, and plenty of rooms to dance or rent privately, it’s the place to be seen in Soho. The atmosphere is relaxed during the day, the ideal place to enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail. Bar in London | Bar Soho

Getting to know the nightlife of a city is also part of a tourist’s itinerary. Above all, if it is London, because according to Drinks International magazine, this city is one of those that leads the list of destinations with the best bars in the world. So, when you visit this great city, be sure to go to the places we recommend enjoying a good shot of rum!

Thank you for traveling to discover the world of rum with us!