Planation Rum Brand Manager Paul McFadyen (Video)

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Planation Rum Brand Manager Paul McFadyen (Video) article cover image

Topic: Rum Blending History - from Don Beach to your home

Channel: Tiki by the Sea

Host: Peter Nevenglosky - Co-Founder Tiki by the Sea


- Matt Pietrek (Cocktail Wonk) 

- Paul McFadyen (Plantation Rum) 

- Matt Pietrek (Cocktail Wonk) and Paul McFadyen (Plantation) explore the rich history of multi-island rum blending. From the vats of the British Naval dockyards, to the formulas of Don the Beachcomber, join us to discover how bold flavors and island styles are combined to create rums greater than the sum of their parts.

About Tiki by the Sea: Tiki by the Sea is a trade-focused educational and immersive cultural experience into the culture, spirits, and drinks of the Tiki era.

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