Ron Carúpano Master Blender Carmen López de Bastidas (Video)

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Topic: Q&A with Latin's America longest working female Master Blender

Guests: Carmen López de Bastidas (Destilería Carúpano Master Blender) 

What You'll Learn: 

Carmen López de Bastidas is Venezuela’s first certified female Master Blender who has been, for the past 32 years, passionately developing the exquisite profiles of Ron Carúpano. She was born and raised in the coastal town of Carúpano (Venezuela) and before devoting her full time to rum, Carmen moved to Caracas to study and obtain her Chemistry degree, starting her career as a Quality Control Specialist. 

In 1990, Destilería Carúpano, a local rum manufacturer, reached out to her, offering to lead their newly-created quality control department. Ron Carúpano has been a family-owned business since its foundation in 1762, with ambitious hopes and determination to expand to the international market. For this reason, the company needed to standardize its production system to ensure consistency and quality. 

The board of directors understood they needed someone with a strong chemistry background to help them get the company to the next level, so they entrusted Carmen with this colossal task. That is why she is responsible for the award-winning commercial and prestige lines of Super Premium Venezuelan Ron Carúpano, setting the tone and paving the way for women to lead in the world of Rum. In her own words, being a rum master blender means "having the capacity, the taste, and olfactory sensitivity as well as the dedication to know how to mix different types of rums with different aging vintages to create extraordinary products that elevate every occasion in life". 

Join Federico Hernandez as he journey's the world of rum.

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