Diplomático Rum Brand Ambassador Miguel Monsalve (Video)

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Topic: The Rum Lab visits DUSA (Home of Ron Diplomatico)

Guests: Miguel Monsalve - DUSA Brand Ambassador 

What You'll Learn: 

DUSA is located in one of the geographical areas with the most natural resources in Venezuela, in the middle of the three largest sugar cane producer states – Lara, Portuguesa, and Yaracuy. Rains throughout the year, springs, and an altitude – that generates warm temperatures during the day and cool temperatures at night – favor the development of high concentrations of sucrose in the stem of the sugar cane, making it one of the sweetest on the continent.

In the Hacienda Saruro, next to the town La Miel (Lara), the complex has one of the few plants in the world with different distillation systems gathered in one place. Therefore, the manufacturing plant can produce not only rum but also whiskey, gin, vodka, and cocuy.

DUSA covers an area of 1,300 hectares where the plant, industrial effluent treatment plants, and crops are located. The company owns different farms where they grow sugar cane, cereals, and fruits, enough raw materials to produce a great variety of liquors.

Join Federico Hernandez as he journey's the world of rum.

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