Ron Botran Female Master Blenders (Video)

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Ron Botran Female Master Blenders (Video) article cover image

Topic: Rum talks w/ 3 Women behind Ron Botran


- Magda López (Master Blender #1) 

- Leslie Taracena (Master Blender #2) 

- Yasmin Chapeton (Master Blender #3) 

What You'll Learn: 

Ron Botran story started with Five Rum-Loving Brothers. They made one eye-opening journey, from sunny Spain to glorious Guatemala. And in 1940, they founded Botran. A rum with a distinctive attitude.

One as vivid as our sugar cane juice and as colorful as our land. It helped us become the first sustainable rum in the world. And it continues to push us as we fill every glass with the bright and vibrant spirit of Guatemalan rum. 

Today 3 women (Magda López, Leslie Taracena, Yasmin Chapeton) are Master Blender for Ron Botran. 

Join Federico Hernandez has he journey's the world of rum.

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