Club Caribe Distillery Director Félix Mateo (Video)

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Topic: Club Caribe “Puerto Rico” Distillery Tour


Guest:  Félix Mateo – Distillery & Environmental Affairs Director at Club Caribe Distillers

What You’ll Learn: 

Club Caribe Rum is distilled in the mountains of Cidra in Puerto Rico, producing white and flavored rums that are great for cocktails. 

The pure fresh water used in Club Caribe comes from a volcanic aquifer and gives the rum its great taste. Only the highest quality ingredients go into each bottle to create mixable rum that bears the name of it’s Puerto Rican distillery.

Our rum making tradition dates back centuries to when sugarcane production began on the island of Puerto Rico. From the fields to the factories, a process was born and perfected over time. Since 1948, “Rums of Puerto Rico” has promoted and ensured that each of our rum brands meet the highest standards of quality. No other country shares our requirements for process and craftsmanship. 

Join Federico Hernández and Feliz Mateo as they showcase the wonders of Club Caribe Distillers.