Travellers Liquors General Manager Magali Gabb (Video)

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Travellers Liquors General Manager Magali Gabb (Video) article cover image

Topic: Meet the New Cask Strength "1981" from Travellers Liquors, Belize

Host: Matt Pietrek


- Magali Gabb, General Manager

- Myito Perdomo, Master Blender, Distillery Manager

- Amanda Perdomo, Director of Business Development

- Eric Kaye, Holmes Cay Founder 

What You'll Learn: In honor of the 40th anniversary of Belize's independence, Travellers Distillery is releasing its first ever cask strength rum. In this livestream, Matt Pietrek will be joined by the Travellers team + Holmes Cay founder Eric Kaye to dive deep into the details behind this first-of-its-kind release.